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Liam stands in Wyatt’s beach house and flashes to the scene with Steffy and Bill at the cliffhouse. Hope arrives. She presumes since Wyatt’s letting Liam crash there that things did not go well with Steffy. Liam reveals that Steffy went straight to his father. He explains that she did come home, but was totally shut down. He marvels that Steffy laid into him and that’s when he saw it – his father’s sword necklace. Hope doesn’t understand the twisted alliance of Bill and Steffy. Liam tells her they’re getting married. Hope’s sorry. Liam muses that Bill will be a father to his own granddaughter; it’s sick. He rants about Bill showing up when he was trying to get through to Steffy. Liam doesn’t know what the future holds, but he has to let go of Steffy. Hope assures him he’s not alone.

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At the cliffhouse, Ridge tells Steffy that Wyatt told him something unbelievable. He states, “You can’t do that. Not Spencer.” Steffy turns, wearing the sword necklace, and snarks about falling for the whole fairytale surrounding her love for Liam. She coolly announces she and Bill are getting married. Ridge understands she’s angry over what she walked in on, but Bill having his filthy hands all over her is his worst nightmare! He decides he won’t allow it. “You’re not marrying Spencer. It’s not going to happen.” Steffy explains that she’s done with Liam. Ridge reminds her what Bill’s done to Brooke, Katie, and his own kids. Steffy reveals they made a deal – she gets Bill’s 12.5% of Forrester Creations in return for marrying him. Ridge doesn’t care about the shares – only Steffy. He repeats his concerns. Steffy says Bill will love Kelly; she’s blood. Ridge wants her to forgive Liam, and suggests she stay single, but she’s made up her mind – she’s marrying Bill and taking control of her life. Ridge is heartbroken at how she’s shut down, and is determined to protect her. He says, “Take off that necklace and stop talking about marrying Spencer.”

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Justin and Wyatt frown at a super cheerful Bill in the living room of his house. Bill announces he wants to start planning his wedding to Steffy right away. Justin opines that he’s losing his mind over a woman. Bill admits he lost his mind over Steffy a long time ago. Wyatt questions Steffy agreeing to a quick marriage. Justin grouses that she wants the Forrester stock. Wyatt declares he’ll be sitting this one out – it’s literally the last blow to his father’s relationship with Liam. Bill knows Wyatt’s right, but feels there’s no fixing it at this point. Wyatt wonders what will happen to Liam. Bill says he’ll be with Hope. He tells Wyatt and Justin this should be a message to them both – never give up. Wyatt reiterates that he won’t attend the wedding. Justin questions buying a marriage with shares – is it really a good way to start? Bill’s fed up with their cynicism.

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