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At Forrester Creations, in Hope’s dressing room, Steffy flips out that she has been home taking care of Kelly, while Liam is there dallying with Hope. Hope protests that they didn’t mean to, but Steffy doesn’t want to hear from her. She cries to Liam – how could he do this? Steffy reminds him they live together and he asked her to marry him. She rants that they both made her feel terrible for so long and calls them hypocrites before asking how long this has been going on. Liam and Hope just got caught up in the moment. Steffy decides she’s done – Liam’s destroyed their family. Outside the door, Steffy steels herself, while inside, Hope asks Liam, “What have we done?” Liam reassures her and says he has to find Steffy.

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In her car, Steffy flashes through memories of Liam, on the beach, getting married, and him walking away when she was pregnant. She recalls Kelly’s birth, their reconciliation, and catching Liam with Hope, before a horn blasts – she narrowly misses being in a car wreck.

At home, Ridge nibbles Brooke’s neck as she gushes about Hope’s fashion show. His demeanor changes when she muses that now Hope can focus on the baby. Ridge agrees that Hope should reduce her stress, but she needs to recognize that Liam’s priority is Steffy and Kelly. Ridge then relays that Steffy came to Forrester Creations looking for Liam; he sensed that something was wrong. Brooke thinks it’s understandable that Steffy would be tense as Liam was supporting Hope on her big day. They agree it’s complicated, but disagree on who Liam belongs with and what is ‘meant to be’. Ridge feels Hope and Liam’s relationship exists only because of Bill’s manipulations. Later, Hope finds Brooke alone and tells her what happened.

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At the cliff house, the nanny tells Liam that Steffy went to see him and hasn’t returned.

At Spencer Publications, Bill ruminates to Justin that it’s time Steffy decided to stop being a pawn in Liam’ game and moved on…with him. Justin reminds him Steffy wants to marry Liam. Bill doesn’t think she does anymore. They discuss her heading to Forrester Creations. Bill wouldn’t be surprised if she finds Liam in Hope’s arms. If so, he proclaims, “The end is here.” Justin notes it would be an ugly confrontation. Bill agrees and thinks Liam will make an even bigger mess of it all, begging for forgiveness. He reasserts that Steffy has seen proof that Liam and Hope want each other. Justin expresses doubt – Bill would be the last person Steffy turns to. Bill, unflappable, replies that this only ends one way; Steffy is with him. Later, Bill turns to find Steffy in the doorway. He guesses she found Hope and Liam together. Steffy says Bill was right. She rages angrily that she was home with their child and Liam was half-naked in a dressing room with Hope! She cries before recovering her composure.

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