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At the cliffhouse, Bill knows Steffy can’t help but be affected by Liam being at Forrester Creations supporting Hope, and assures her there is a man who can fully commit to her. Bill purports he’ll be the husband she deserves. Kelly’s nanny, Amelia, (played by Nicole Posener), arrives and Steffy announces she’s going to Forrester. Bill hollers if she needs anything, she knows where to find him.

At Spencer Publications, Justin reports his niece did great at the fashion show. Bill reports that his photos helped – Steffy’s on her way to confront Liam. They debate whether Hope’s pregnancy is a game-changer. Bill thinks it is.

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In the Forrester Creations studio, Hope and Liam discuss the young woman who stepped in to wear the showstopper. Liam wonders who she was. Pam appears and congratulates Hope, before suggesting it’s time Liam gets home to Steffy and Kelly. She leaves, and Hope and Liam enthuse about the success of the show. Liam says everyone loves her. Hope understands Liam’s little girl needs him. Liam assures her he’ll be there for their child as well. Hope goes to look for her purse. In the design office, Emma’s outraged about Zoe stepping in and muses that she could have planned it. Xander vows not to let her get away with it. Across the hall, Ridge is thanking Zoe for saving the day. Xander enters and offers to tell Ridge all about her – they share a history. Xander explains he was involved with Zoe overseas and she followed him there. Thorne arrives, followed by Emma, and interjects that Zoe was behind the posts. Zoe asks Ridge to let her defend herself, and perhaps he’ll give her a job there. Xander tells Ridge he can’t do that. Zoe promises the jealousy nonsense is behind her. Thorne and Xander think it’s time she returned to London then. Zoe knows Xander cares for Emma, and offers not to interfere if they’ll give her a chance there. Ridge informs Zoe that he agrees with Thorne – it’s best she return to the UK; the sooner the better. Xander and Emma thank Ridge, and adjourn to the design office, where Xander reassures Emma that what he had with Zoe’s in the past, and promises not to hurt her. They kiss. Meanwhile, Steffy arrives and asks Ridge if he’s seen Liam. He hasn’t. In Hope’s changing room, Liam says he’s found her purse. She tosses on a robe as Liam sings her praises. Hope’s proud of herself and Liam loves seeing her life this. Hope gushes about their future with their baby; it’s here, it’s really happening! Liam suddenly kisses her. In the studio, Pam tells Steffy that Liam was bringing Hope her purse. Steffy heads to Hope’s dressing room, enters, and see Liam and Hope kissing. She shouts, “Oh my God! How could you!”

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At home, Zoe relives her time on the runway with Harry the cat before assuring the cat they aren’t going home – she and ‘Daddy’ are getting back together; she can feel it. She just has to deal with Emma…

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