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At the cliffhouse, Steffy doesn’t want to discuss Liam with Bill, but he needles that it must bother her that he’s with the mother of his other child, Hope. Steffy asks him to stop trying to make her feel paranoid, but Bill persists that she’ll always have to share Liam with Hope. They continue to bicker as Bill pushes his point that Liam will always be tied to Hope.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge, Brooke, and Eric mingle in the minutes before the Hope for the Future fashion show. Justin joins them and explains he’s there to support his niece. Brooke muses about Hope creating something beautiful, and Justin flashes to Bill telling him she’s pregnant. Just then, Hope appears on the runway and makes an empowering speech to kick off the show. Backstage, Zoe lurks as Emma and the models begin their choreography on the runway. As the show continues, Charlie assures Xander he hasn’t seen Zoe. Backstage, Maya, Hope, and Thorne compliment Emma on starting the fashion show on a great note, and look forward to the second routine. Emma, thinking she saw Zoe, inadvertently runs into a model and injures her ankle. Meanwhile, Liam tells Hope the designs are gorgeous. Nearby, Zoe watches as Xander takes a moment to canoodle with Emma. Soon, Hope has to make a decision about replacing the model whose ankle was hurt. Zoe appears, announces she’s a model’s friend, and gets the nod to wear the showstopper. In the audience, Eric gets a text from Quinn that the showstopper model was hurt, so is surprised when Hope takes the stage to announce it. More dancing with Emma and her crew ensues before Zoe appears on the runway. Sally, Xander, Emma, and Charlie each realize what’s happening. Backstage, Justin sees Hope and Liam embrace before she joins Zoe onstage to a standing ovation. As Zoe and Hope pose for photographers out front, Xander tells Emma she and Hope made the show special, and not to let Zoe take that away. Eric and Ridge are impressed with the new model, as are the press, who enthuse about Zoe being the new face of the relaunch. In the back, Justin takes a photo of Liam and Hope in a close moment.

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At Steffy’s place, Bill receives the photo of Liam and Hope from Justin and shows it to Steffy. He warns her not to fall into the same trap her mother did with Ridge, and to wake up and get out of this impossible situation she’s in. Bill then proposes.

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