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In the cliff house, Liam explains to Steffy why he feels he should attend Hope’s fashion show. Steffy understands, but flashes to Bill’s warning about Liam and Hope. Liam acknowledges that Steffy doesn’t sharing him, and kisses her before leaving.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke greets Hope and gushes about the excitement of the fashion show and her pregnancy. Backstage, Emma’s nervous. Xander assures her his ex won’t be a problem today. Charlie appears with Pam; they promise Zoe won’t get near the building. After, Thorne, Sally, and Maya check in with Emma, who informs them Xander went to see Zoe. Thorne joins Hope, and the duo get a technical update from Jake. Meanwhile, Emma asks Sally if she was concerned about Zoe being around Wyatt. Sally warns her not to make the mistake of being jealous of Zoe. Nearby, Brooke, with Katie, teases the press about other wonderful things her daughter will be bringing into the world. When Liam arrives, Hope is pleased he came. He wouldn’t miss it.

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In her apartment, Zoe muses to Harry the cat that today will be Emma’s big triumph…or not. Xander arrives and she prompts him to say hello to his son, who misses him. Xander greets the cat before bringing up the issue of Zoe leaving Los Angeles. She says she will, eventually. Zoe’s disappointed that he doesn’t want her at the fashion show. Xander warns security’s been instructed to keep her out. Zoe muses that sounds like a challenge. Xander warns her it’s a big night for Emma and not to interfere.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill flashes to his night with Steffy. Justin tries to talk to him about business, but realizes he has that look – he’s thinking about Steffy again. Bill reveals that their future together is looking even more likely and shares that Hope’s pregnant. He enthuses, “Guess who the baby daddy is?” Justin can’t help but hide a grin as Bill rants in a goofy voice being right all along that Liam belongs with Hope; the universe brings good things to Dollar Bill! Justin cautions Bill, who won’t be dissuaded from his optimism. He orders Justin to attend Hope’s fashion show and do whatever he can to push the Liam and Hope relationship forward.

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Xander returns to Forrester Creations and updates Emma that he told Zoe to stay away. Just then, Zoe sneaks in wearing a ball cap and shades. Charlie presumes she’s a model and sends her backstage. Meanwhile, Hope gives her team and the models a pep talk. Emma’s thrilled to see Justin arrive. He watches Hope and Liam. Elsewhere, Zoe spies as Xander gives Emma a kiss. She mutters, “Oh Miss Emma, this is going to be a show you’ll never forget.” By the curtain, Liam reassures a nervous Hope with a hug as Justin looks on with his phone in hand.

Bill shows up at Steffy’s house and needles her about Liam attending Hope’s fashion show. He knows what this is doing to Steffy, and warns that Liam will be connected to Hope forever now.

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