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In the Forrester Creations boardroom, Xander, seated behind a laptop, reports to Sally, Thorne, Hope, and Katie that he believes his ex is targeting Emma. Hope wonders how she got a hold of Sally’s computer. Sally, upon learning Xander’s ex is British, asks to see a picture and is stunned to realize it’s Zoe. She informs the group she’s been painting at Wyatt’s beach house. Sally gets on the phone with Wyatt and asks if Zoe’s at the beach house. Wyatt says she’s supposed to come by. Sally briefs him that she’s dangerous and is the person behind the threatening posts. Xander sends Emma a text.

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At Bikini Bar, Zoe watches with a stormy expression as Emma interacts with Danny the bartender, then pastes a smile on as she returns to their table. Emma has to get back to work, but Zoe implores, “Don’t leave.” Emma gets a text from Xander, but doesn’t read it, telling Zoe that she’ll see him when she gets back to Forrester. Emma asks Zoe’s name, then says maybe they’ll see one another again. Zoe’s certain they will.

At Forrester, Xander, Hope, and Thorne wait to hear from Emma. Sally fills them in on Zoe talking Wyatt into letting her paint the mural. Thorne muses that she clearly put a lot of thought into her plan. He, Katie, and Hope apologize to Sally for their presumptions. Emma arrives. They quiz her, and she reveals she ran into a new British friend…for the second time. Xander guesses her name is Zoe, and explains she’s his ex. Katie says she may be dangerous.

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Zoe arrives at Wyatt’s house and he makes awkward conversation with her about the mural. She senses he’s pre-occupied, but gets to work painting. Wyatt wears a look of concern. Time passes and Zoe’s almost finished. Wyatt sends a text.

At Forrester Creations, Emma learns that Zoe’s behind negative posts they believed were aimed at Hope. Sally receives Wyatt’s text and says Zoe’s there. Xander and Emma want to confront her. Later, Katie and Hope discuss the ‘crazy’ situation and want to update Ridge. They feel bad about Sally, and wonder what Xander’s ex has planned.

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At the beach house, Wyatt chats to Zoe to try and keep her from leaving. She just wants to be paid and feels he’s stalling. Wyatt’s next tactic is to look for his checkbook. Zoe barks that he can pay her online…unless he’s trying to keep her there. Wyatt pays her and she’s about to leave when Sally arrives with Thorne, Xander, and Emma. Thorne confronts her about making threatening posts and Wyatt stops Sally from lunging at her. “You were using my computer, Bitch!” Xander asks Zoe why she did it. Emma blurts that she’s jealous of her, and exclaims, “Admit it, Zoe, you’ve been stalking me.”

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