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At the cliff house, Steffy thinks Hope’s setting herself up for disappointment, but Hope points out Steffy’s not married to him and is the one who’s been unfaithful – who’s really setting themselves up for disappointment? Steffy declares that she’ll fight for her child to live with both parents – she’s confident Liam will be there for both babies, but won’t desert the one he already has.

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At the beach house, Bill remarks on Wyatt going ahead with a mural considering their estrangement, but then stuns his son by apologizing for his behavior – he was obsessed. Wyatt learns he won’t be taking away the beach house and wants him to come back to work. Bill promises he’ll respect Liam and Steffy’s relationship – they have the baby and will be married soon. Wyatt shrugs that nothing’s certain anymore, and reveals that Hope is pregnant. They pour drinks and Wyatt points out what Bill’s actions have caused, though he concedes Liam called it a blessing. Bill ponders that Steffy must be hurting. Wyatt warns him about obsessing again. Bill wonders what the walking ping-pong ball will do now.

In her apartment, Zoe admires her shrine to Xander and asks the cat, Harry, if they should do another post. She muses about getting Xander back – they just need Emma to stay away.

At Forrester Creations, Thorne and Katie pull Liam into the office to tell him they know who was sending the threats. He’s stunned to hear they believe it was Sally, and notes she and Wyatt are getting close. Katie feels Wyatt may want to rethink that. They note that Sally claims to be innocent. Liam doesn’t think Sally would have hurt Hope. Katie’s glad he’s still in her life. In the design office, Emma and Xander joke while they work. They’re looking for dancers for the Hope for the Future fashion show. Emma really wants to impress Hope. Xander makes room in the office for her to try out her routine on him. She gives him a ‘glipse’ and he tells her how beautiful she is when she moves like that…or stands still. Pam busts in, having heard the music. She’s showing off her own moves when the phone beckons. In the boardroom, Liam meets up with Hope. They discuss her morning sickness, then Hope reveals she butted heads with Steffy. She tells Liam he won’t be happy with Steffy after what she did with his father – he has a beautiful soul, and their child gives him another option. Liam notes if his father hadn’t lied, he would have gone back to Steffy. Hope repeats she wants a big happy family with him. “Your future is with me.” Outside, Zoe sneaks into the building behind a rack of clothes. In the studio, Xander and Emma share a kiss while Zoe lurks and watches. She whispers, “Get your hands off him. Stop it right now.”

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Bill arrives at the cliff house. Steffy grudgingly lets him in. He reveals Wyatt told him about Hope’s pregnancy – he’s there because he cares about her. Steffy calls his caring ‘poison’ – his caring may have taken her family away. They start bickering about whether Liam will want to be with Hope. Steffy expresses complete faith in Liam – he will stay with his family.

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