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At the beach house, Liam cringes at Wyatt’s talk about having sex with Sally. Wyatt turns serious – he thinks Sally will win over the Forresters. The conversation turns to Kelly, and Wyatt hopes Liam and Steffy plan to give her a little brother or sister. Liam reveals he kind of already has – Hope’s pregnant. Wyatt’s floored. Liam confides he needs time…it’s not what he expected. Wyatt and Liam hash out that he loves both women, and that someone will get hurt. Wyatt questions him, but Liam is unable to indicate which way he’s leaning. Wyatt marvels at the complicated scenario. Liam notes that he can only see Hope’s pregnancy as a blessing.

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At Forrester Creations, Thorne and Katie want Sally to admit she made the threats against Hope – regardless, she’s done there. Sally insists she didn’t make any threats, veiled or otherwise. They show her the messages and Sally tells them they’ve got the wrong person. Thorne explains a top IT person traced the posts back to her IP address. Sally feels targeted and urges them to keep looking because it wasn’t her. Katie wonders who it was then. Sally doesn’t know, but warns the person is still out there.

At the cliff house, Steffy acknowledges to Hope that it was a shock when Liam told her she was pregnant, then adds, “But it doesn’t really change anything, does it?” Hope thinks it sounds like she’s sending her a message. Steffy reminds her their little girl is sleeping right there and deserves to have both her mommy and daddy. Hope agrees. Steffy advises her to do what’s right then, and warns her not to interfere with her family – they’re getting married soon and already have a child. Hope argues that she and Liam see her pregnancy as a blessing. Steffy feels the same way, but repeats that Liam has chosen to be there. Hope doesn’t think she should speak for Liam, and warns Steffy that she’s advocating for her family and her child now – that is her first, and only priority. Steffy knows Hope wants Liam. Hope confirms she does want a future with the father of her child, and she’s not about to just hand him over to Steffy. She believes he wants to be with her. Steffy reminds her Liam came home and didn’t go through with the wedding. Hope is confident that Liam will come back to her.

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In her apartment, Zoe pets a white cat and tells it that daddy is coming back to them. She goes on to the animal about it being a safe bet she’d find Xander working at Forrester Creations knowing his uncle’s connection, and how she convinced Wyatt to allow her to paint the mural as a way in, and then used Sally’s laptop. Next, she talks to a photo of Xander, and says Emma won’t be a problem much longer; then he’ll be back where he belongs and she won’t let him out of her sight again…not for a moment.

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