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At Café Russe, Emma brings up Xander’s secret. He tries to change the subject away from his decision to hide British accent, but Emma asks what’s so bad about his past that he’s trying to hide it?

At the beach house, Zoe watches Wyatt and Sally kissing, then assures them she’s not paying them any attention. Sally worries about going to work when Hope doesn’t trust her and wants to railroad her…not just professionally but in her personal life. Zoe listens as Sally shrugs that all she can do is try to show Hope she’s trustworthy. Sally turns to Zoe and asks her what part of Britain she’s from and what brought her there. Zoe avoids answering but alludes to going after what she wants. Her phone beeps and she looks at a photo of Emma and Xander at Café Russe. She decides to take a break and exits. Sally and Wyatt start making out on the sofa. After sex, they joke around, then agree they could get used to this. They talk about Wyatt being unemployed thanks to Bill. Wyatt will enjoy his sabbatical. Sally teases he should have dinner ready when she gets home, before telling him how amazing he is. Wyatt thinks she’s special and is sure she’ll prove herself at work – she and Hope may even become friends – crazier things have happened.

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Still at Café Russe, Xander doesn’t explain why he’s keeping quiet about being British. He wants to focus on California and his internship. Emma tells him the photo she posted of them together has 400 likes. Xander seems uncomfortable that she posted it and tagged him in it. Emma assures him she didn’t make it seem like a date. Xander smiles – he thought they were on a date. Emma giggles. Zoe watches from a distance as Xander tells Emma how happy she makes him and holds her hand. Zoe then flashes to Xander telling her he loved her overseas.

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Thorne and Katie canoodle in the office at Forrester Creations and discuss becoming a couple. Talk turns to the disturbing comments about Hope on the website. Thorne notes they have to look into it in case the person is dangerous. Katie agrees that telling Hope to watch out is crossing a line. Thorne knows the best IT guy in town – if anyone can trace the messages, it’s him. Later, Ken, (played by Danny Woodburn), arrives and asks Katie not to hold it against him that he worked with her ex-husband, Bill. He turns his attention to the threatening posts. Katie and Thorne pepper him with questions and he becomes irritated. Thorne works to keep him happy. Ken demands a pillow for his back as they tell him they believe the comments are from the same person due to the skull and crossbones.

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