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At Forrester Creations, Hope thanks Liam for finding joy in her news, though she knows it complicates his life. Liam assures her they’ll treasure this gift. Hope notes Steffy will be less than thrilled. Liam will help her through it, there’s enough love to go around for both his children. Hope is already feeling protective of their child, and the life he or she deserves – she doesn’t want to be on the sidelines, and wants to share her life with someone fully. Hope points out he hasn’t married Steffy yet so a future together is still possible. Liam promises they’ll figure everything out, and reiterates this is a miracle.

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In Brooke’s kitchen, Ridge confronts his wife about believing Hope’s baby news will keep Liam and Steffy apart. Brooke points out he’s going to have a baby with the woman he wanted to marry – she doesn’t know what that means for Steffy. Brooke suggests Ridge may need to be there for his daughter. Ridge tells her Liam won’t leave Steffy – it’s not going to happen. He warns against Hope making a play for Liam and Brooke snaps, “That’s ridiculous.” Ridge worries about Steffy being taken off guard by the bombshell. Later, Hope arrives and updates Brooke that Liam was happy about the news, but she doesn’t actually know where they stand yet. Brooke asserts that Hope is the better person and Liam knows it. Hope gasps. Brooke urges her daughter to be assertive if she wants a life with Liam.

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At home, Steffy assures Eric and Quinn she wants to marry Liam as soon as possible. Eric likes the sound of his granddaughter’s family being reunited – Steffy deserves this. Steffy agrees, and adds Kelly deserves this too. Later, Liam arrives, apologizing, and Steffy kindly asks how it went with Hope. Liam falters and suggests they sit. They each reveal they have news. Steffy, smiling, exclaims, “Let’s not wait. Let’s get married right away!” She rambles for a bit about Eric designing her dress and feels they should just do it – nothing’s stopping them. Liam replies, “You would think.” He reminds her he has news and warns it’s shocking. Liam gets straight to the point, “Hope is pregnant.” Steffy asks, “Is it yours?” Liam clarifies that it is. Steffy panics and tries to gather her thoughts. She decides this is their reality now – their family is growing. Steffy tells him they’ll have to be there for Hope as a married couple – they can deal with anything as long as they’re together. They embrace.

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