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At Forrester Creations, Ridge is incredulous that Eric’s hired Sally Spectra for the Hope for the Future line. Ridge assumes Sally came to Eric, pulling on his heart strings, but Eric explains the idea came from Wyatt. Ridge launches into a rant about Wyatt being on the rebound and says they can’t count on Sally. Eric admires her, just as he did her great aunt Sally. Ridge is worried this will blow up in their faces. Elsewhere, Hope reiterates to Sally that she will never be a designer there – she doesn’t trust her. Maya, Quinn, Thorne, and Xander enter. Hope asks them to welcome Sally. They are seated and Hope explains Liam will be consulting on the website. She stresses the importance of confidentiality and not photographing designs. After, Ridge calls Sally into his office. Sally tells him Hope’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t want her working there. He thinks she seems hostile and muses that she plays dirty, like her aunt. He remembers all the stunts. Sally apologized for what she did. Ridge recalls she fired a gun in Bill’s office, and warns her about trying anything like that again. Still in the boardroom, Xander learns of Sally’s history with Forrester from the others. Hope wants a watchful eye kept on Emma and Sally.

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Katie arrives at Wyatt’s place. He’s faintly suspicious of her claim she didn’t call ahead because her phone died, but invites her in. Katie says she’s worried about him. “I heard you’re seeing Sally Spectra.” Wyatt confirms it’s true. Katie isn’t judging, but wants to convince him it’s not a good idea to get involved with her. She notices the patched spot on the wall, and Wyatt explains Sally shot at Bill’s photo. He becomes defensive. Katie can sympathize with her feelings toward Bill, but she seems unstable. Wyatt counters that she’s real; it’s exactly the kind of person he needs right now. Katie wants him to be careful.

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Wyatt finds Hope alone in the Forrester Creations boardroom. She admits she’s a little angry with him. He apologizes for what happened at the wedding, but he couldn’t keep the truth from his brother. Hope agrees, and reveals she’s burying herself in work. Talk turns to Sally. Wyatt thanks Hope for giving her a chance. Hope has reservations about her being part of the company…and being part of his life. Hope only took Sally on because Eric insisted and doesn’t believe she fits with her line. In Ridge’s office, Sally admits she fights back when she’s attacked; she’s had her heart ripped out twice by his son. Ridge contends Thomas did right putting his family back together. Sally argues he strung her along. Sally appreciates how Wyatt’s treated her, and is grateful for the opportunity there despite being looked down upon. She vows to win over Ridge and Hope. Sally exits and overhears Wyatt defending her to Hope, who asks him to confirm he’s just having a fling with Sally and not falling for her.

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