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At the cliff house, Liam’s puzzled as to why Steffy’s saying she needs time before getting married. She murmurs that she has to figure it out, then flashes to Bill’s threat. Liam wonders if she’s feeling pressured. Steffy assures him she has no second thoughts about being with him, and wants to say ‘yes’, but they need to focus on being a family. Liam assures her he’s not disappointed. Steffy reiterates he’s the man she wants to marry, and knowing he wants to marry her means the world. Liam happily agrees they’ll married when the dust settles – it’s just a short delay.

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In Brooke’s kitchen, she informs Bill that he won’t get sympathy from her – her daughter’s heart is broken again thanks to his manipulations. She doesn’t understand how Bill could have used Wyatt and been so cruel to the people he cares about, especially Liam and Steffy. Bill complains he was trying to make everybody happy. Brooke scoffs that he only cares about his own happiness. Bill declares that Liam needs to marry Hope. Brooke warns her daughter won’t be part of his agenda, and notes that what he’s suggesting could bring Steffy back to him. She reminds him Liam and Steffy will be married soon. Bill quips he wouldn’t buy a wedding gift yet.

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At Forrester Creations, Emma apologizes to Hope for not being upfront about Justin being her uncle as Xander looks on. Hope becomes distracted and explains that Liam told her he and Steffy would be getting married soon. Xander and Emma feel bad for her. Later, Liam returns and tells Hope he spoke to Steffy and will be able to consult on her website. Hope’s surprised to hear the wedding’s on hold.

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In Wyatt’s beach house, he and Sally discuss his interior decorating plans and her sleeping on his couch. Wyatt admits he didn’t want her to go anywhere else, and they kiss. Sally tells Wyatt he’s playing a dangerous game hanging out with a Spectra. Eric and Quinn arrive unexpectedly. Taking in Sally, Quinn asks what’s going on. She learns they ran into one another in a bar and Sally voices that Quinn doesn’t trust her. Wyatt and Sally explain how she ended up staying on the sofa. Quinn demands they put a label on their connection. Sally tries to bond with Quinn as women who have both suffered at the hand of Bill Spencer. Quinn concedes that Bill’s treated them all terribly, and Eric concurs, though points out his wife’s concerns about Sally aren’t unfounded. Sally addresses the theft from Forrester, and Eric assures her of her talent. Wyatt angles for Eric to give Sally a job. Sally thinks it sounds kind of crazy. Wyatt argues that’s what people said when Quinn was hired and that worked out great. Sally and Quinn are flabbergasted when Eric says he’ll consider it.

Bill arrives at the cliff house, where Steffy tells him he’s crazy for what he’s doing – it’s wrong and disgusting and he won’t get away with it. “I’m going to put an end to your manipulation once and for all.”

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