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At Spencer Publications, Justin fills Bill in on the situation with Emma at Forrester Creations, but Bill’s thinking about Steffy. Justin groans as Bill confesses he saw her and made her a proposition she shouldn’t refuse. Justin’s disappointed he hasn’t moved on. Bill realizes more than ever that he needs Steffy. Later, Bill fantasizes about life with Steffy.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope and Liam discuss his impending marriage to Steffy. Hope can’t forget how close they came to ‘happily ever after’, but plans to throw herself into work. Liam reflects on the positive message of her line. Hope asks if he’d like to work on Hope for the Future again. Liam agrees to consult, and they shake hands. In the design office, Xander gives Emma a daisy and she calls him sweet. They go over her mistake in not asking permission to take photos. Xander feels Maya was too hard on her. Emma opens up about Hope being her role model – she regrets letting her down given everything she’s going through. Xander switches gears by inviting Emma to go out some time – she can show him more of her dance moves. Emma giggles; apparently she’s not the only one with moves. They rehash her mistake again and Emma reasserts her innocence. Xander kisses her.

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At the cliff house, Steffy’s thinking about Bill’s threats when Taylor arrives, distraught. She breaks down – she’s been working so hard, but the therapy’s not working. She moans over the shooting and says she would be in jail right now if Steffy hadn’t convinced Bill to keep quiet. Steffy tries to comfort Taylor, who admits she’s haunted by the night she shot Bill, though it would be so much worse if she were in prison – she wouldn’t last behind bars, it would literally kill her. There’s a knock and Taylor panics – they’re coming to take her away. It’s just a messenger. Taylor sighs, “This time…” She agonizes that Bill could change his mind. Steffy grabs her hands to promise she won’t go to jail. Taylor begs her to talk to Bill and sobs, “Please help me!” Later, Liam arrives home with news that Carter will marry them, then adds he saw Hope, who asked him to return to her line. Steffy flashes to Bill’s warning about the pair, and asks if they’ll be working side-by-side. Liam will just consult, but only if it’s okay with her. He obviously won’t work for Bill, and muses it’s nice he can’t interfere in their lives anymore. Steffy recalls Bill’s warning about marrying Liam, and tears up when Liam says he doesn’t want to wait. Steffy cryptically tells him she needs time to figure it out. He asks what’s going on – why doesn’t she want to marry him right away?

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