At the cliffhouse, Steffy hisses at Bill that he’s so selfish, and repeats that she and Liam are getting married. Bill maintains that she’ll be marrying him. He has a new resolve to achieve his future with her. Steffy insists he’s kidding himself, which prompts Bill to bring up Taylor shooting him. Steffy wonders what he will do. Bill predicts Liam will let her down again, and he will be her rock. Steffy retorts that she can take care of herself – he robbed her of happiness her entire pregnancy and she fell after he showed up the last time – now he’s blackmailing her? She orders him out. Bill again mentions being shot, then insists that Liam wants Hope deep down. Steffy deserves better; a man who is totally committed to her. Bill waits until Steffy brings the baby out. He marvels, “She’s beautiful.” Steffy thought he should see her to know exactly who he’s messing with – he needs to leave and to stop this. Bill can’t. Steffy says Liam is good and Bill is evil…he is threatening her and her mother. She intends to marry Liam and Bill will not send her mother to prison. Bill clucks that she’s fooling herself. He moves closer and she warns him not to touch her. Bill threatens to call the police on Taylor if she marries Liam. Steffy vows to tell Liam. Again, Bill says he’ll go to the police. “If you marry Liam, your mother goes to prison.”

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At Forrester Creations, Liam’s apologetic toward Hope, while she reflects on what could have been. She has no regrets and points out that, once again, they were all manipulated by Bill. Liam is completely done with his father – he has no more power over his life or his family. Hope notes this is where their story ends; his child has to come first. Liam marvels at her compassion. Hope thinks they could have made it work, but she has to move on. Liam feels she’ll find someone. Hope replies, “Maybe, but he won’t be you.” In the design office, Maya tells Julius and Xander she has concerns about her cousin’s blossoming interest in Emma Barber. Arguing ensues as Xander points out Emma doesn’t even know Bill Spencer. Maya warns he’s hurt the family and informs Xander he’s not doing himself any favors by associating with Emma. Xander declares Emma has nothing to hide. Julius mentions him hiding his British accent. Xander states he wants to leave that part of his life behind, and goes back to defending Emma. Maya’s unconvinced. Emma appears – she overheard – and assures Maya she’s honored to be working there. Maya asserts she doesn’t want Xander to be affected by her bad decisions. Julius suggests she ease up on the girl, and Xander muses it’s difficult when people have preconceived notions about you. Maya reiterates she would have liked Emma fired. Julius intervenes and takes his daughter for lunch. Xander lets Emma know he has her back.

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