bill thinks he can marry steffy

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At the cliff house, Liam has a plan to run by Steffy – he wants to have some people over… Steffy questions having a wedding taking place amid the baby chaos, but Liam wants her to marry him. She happily agrees and they kiss. Liam talks about contacting Carter, then reveals he asked Ridge for her hand and wonders if they should wait in her mom. Steffy muses she’s still in treatment and possibly shouldn’t be around everyone right now.

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At Brooke’s house, she warns Hope that Liam told Ridge he’ll be marrying Steffy soon – she knows it’s a shock even if she saw it coming. Ridge joins them and says it’s the first step to a bright future. Hope looks away. She announces it’s time to go to work. Ridge challenges her – he knows she’s leaving because of him and doesn’t have to pretend everything’s fine. Hope sighs that it feels too soon for watch her wedding day turn into Steffy’s. Brooke gasps, “Oh Sweetheart.” After Hope leaves, Ridge tries to cheer Brooke up given that his daughter’s happiness makes her daughter unhappy. Brooke assures him she’ll attend the wedding.

At Wyatt’s place, he admires Sally in his shirt. They banter about their dynamic. Sally talks about Thomas sending her back first class and ruminates that she’s a fool who lacks foresight. Wyatt wonders what will happen when Bill realizes he still owns the beach house – he’ll take away his trust fund too. They joke about Wyatt’s four best qualities, one of which he claims is seduction. Sally’s charmed by his sweetness. Wyatt gives her a pep talk on liking herself and lists her good qualities. Sally credits him with giving her hope – she likes herself more, and likes him too.

At Forrester Creations, Liam shows Carter baby pictures. Carter tells Liam he’ll officiate for him and Steffy’s wedding, he understands Liam being drawn to the permanence of marriage given his background, and isn’t judging. Liam regrets hurting Hope. After, Hope happens along and asks Liam about Kelly and Steffy – she wants to be friends again. Liam updates her on his family. Hope lets him know she’s aware of the wedding, but doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her. She blames Bill, and asks Liam not to wish away what they had.

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Bill startles Steffy in the cliff house. She asks why he’s there. Bill came to see his granddaughter – and her. Steffy threatens to call the police. Bill remarks he has Detective Sanchez on speed dial. He reveals he’s been to a retreat and starts in on what they feel for one another. Steffy counters the only thing between them is the damage he caused – she and Liam are getting married. Bill announces it’s not happening. “You’re not going to marry my son, you’re going to marry me.”

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