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In the beach house, Wyatt and Sally kiss and the clothes start coming off. They wind up on the floor, but Sally puts the brakes on, and once again, decides she should go. Wyatt insists she stay there with him. He’d like to get to know her. Sally asks why. Wyatt notes they clearly like one another. She points out he’s still a Spencer. Wyatt feels she’s entitled to her wrath; he’s disillusioned with Bill too. Sally sighs that she never saw this break-up with Thomas coming, and wonders if he used her to get back at Caroline. Wyatt says Thomas is an idiot. He’d like her to stay there and be safe. Sally decides maybe she misjudged him. Wyatt notes they’re both feeling lost and could use a distraction. They kiss again. They debate about whether she’s worth getting to know right now. Wyatt assures her she can trust in his friendship. Sally wants to go slow, but lets him hold her.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Thorne they need to find out for sure. In the studio, Maya lashes out at Emma for taking photos of top-secret designs and being related to Justin Barber. She orders her to pack up her things and go.

At Spencer Publications, Justin is gushing to Alison about his talented niece when he gets a text from Emma, who seems upset.

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In the studio, Xander comes upon Maya accusing Emma of being a spy. Hope and Thorne appear as Maya explains she was is Justin Barber’s niece and was taking photos of the designs…so she fired her. Emma insists she wanted to make her choreography specific to the designs. Maya stops Xander when he tries to defend her. Hope and Thorne agree with Maya that they’ve experienced corporate espionage before. Justin arrives. Hope fills him in. She warns if he’s using Emma as a plant to undermine Forrester she won’t allow it. Justin denies Emma is trying to sabotage them – he kept their connection quiet to avoid jeopardizing her chances there. Emma pleads to be kept on. Hope tells Emma her uncle and Bill Spencer have caused her family pain – she’s shown potential but they have a zero-tolerance policy for taking photos of designs. If she continues, Hope requires loyalty and transparency. She won’t fire her, but is very disappointed. Emma thanks her. Later, Emma turns to Xander as a friend. He assures her Hope will trust her again. Emma’s still stunned that Maya almost had her out the door. Xander shrugs off her mistake – they’re lucky to have someone so talented and amazing. He gives her a hug. Meanwhile, still in the studio, Justin assures Hope she won’t regret giving Emma a second chance. She has security escort him out. Maya complains that Hope’s interference irritated her. Hope informs her she was out of her lane – she doesn’t have the authority to fire someone from her line. They rejoin Justin, who reflects that Bill’s her job, but Emma’s family. Hope says she’ll keep Emma on, but she’ll be watched; Hope trusts no one associated with Bill.

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