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In Wyatt’s house, he pleads with Sally as a shot rings out. Wyatt cringes as the bullet hits the framed photo of Bill beside his head on the mantle. Wild-eyed, he exclaims, “Are you insane?” Sally hands over the gun. Wyatt gets that she’s traumatized by Bill – so is he – but he’s not going around shooting people. Sally’s apologetic. Wyatt decides his father won’t abuse either of them ever again. Over wine, Wyatt denies he was scared of her with the gun, and they toast to being castaways. Wyatt explains Bill basically kicked him out of his life so he’s fatherless, childless, and now single. Wyatt can’t understand Bill hurting so many people, especially those who did nothing to deserve it. Sally tries to leave again – she won’t let another man save her. Wyatt protests, so she relents. She’ll sleep on his couch. She tells him he doesn’t have to pretend to be so nice, and he counters she doesn’t have to pretend to be so tough. Suddenly, they’re kissing.

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In the Forrester Creations design office, Maya and Thorne discuss Emma’s confidence. Maya muses that her last name, Barber, rings a bell. Suddenly, she realizes Bill’s henchman, Justin, has the last name Barber, and wonders if they’re related. They talk about Justin’s capacity to stomach Spencer’s immorality. Maya hopes she’s worrying for nothing, and that Emma’s not hiding things – anyone connected to Bill or Justin could be a risk.

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In the Forrester studio, Emma instructs her team of dancers as Simon, (played by Achileas Andreas) and Xander check in with her. Xander asks Emma if she’s nervous. She is, as she has a chance to show Hope what she can do. Xander assures her she’ll be great and will ‘knock Hope out’. Next, Xander speaks to Simon, who thinks he’s making fun of him when he slips into his British accent. Xander explains his background, and says he came to L.A. to start over. Simon agrees to keep quiet about it. Xander reconvenes with Emma, and asks to see her dance moves. They rehash her knocking him out and snap a selfie as Hope appears. Emma wants to show her the preview they’ve put together and talks about reflecting the spirit of the new generation before she and her dancers perform their routine. Hope declares it incredible. Xander pipes up that Emma choreographed it herself. Hope gushes that Emma should do whatever necessary to put this on the runway. Later, Emma’s alone and photographing the designs when Maya appears and questions her.

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In the Forrester design office, Thorne fills Hope in on Maya’s suspicions about Emma – they may have a problem. In the studio, Maya turns confrontational with Emma, accusing her of working to win Hope over and being related to Justin. Emma admits he’s her uncle. Maya retorts that if she’s not hiding anything, she should have been honest given how everyone feels about Bill…plus she caught her taking pictures. Maya declares she’s protecting her husband’s legacy and informs Emma Barber she’s fired.

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