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At home, Brooke and Ridge admire photos of Baby Kelly. Brooke enjoys being a grandma again. Ridge is glad she went over there and takes it as a sign she supports the family. Brooke reiterates that she’s not thrilled about it, but will support it. Ridge gets a text from Thomas, saying he’s reconciled with Caroline. Brooke’s sure Sally’s furious. Later, Brooke appears in lingerie and gets Ridge away from texting with Thomas. Ridge remarks he’s glad his son got the crazy redhead out of his life.

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At the cliff house, Liam assures Steffy that Hope respects his decision, and she’s right; where else would he be other than home with his girls? Steffy gets a text from Thomas that he’s back with Caroline. Liam wonders, “What about Sally?” He supports Caroline getting her family back, but is surprised since Thomas said he’d never have anything to do with Caroline again. Steffy thinks that was a kneejerk reaction and things were different once his anger faded. She’s sure the break-up is hitting Sally hard, but notes nothing keeps her down for long. After the baby’s asleep, Steffy cuddles up against Liam on the couch. He hopes she knows he didn’t just come back for Kelly; he loves her. Liam notes she never took her ring off or gave up. She protests as he removes her ring, but he cautions, “Trust me.” Liam talks about her being a strong, passionate example for their daughter, and them being an example of love. He proposes and Steffy tearfully accepts. Liam places the ring back on her finger. When the baby cries, they go together.

Wyatt orders a scotch neat from the Bikini Beach bartender, Danny Comings, (played by Keith Carlos), then spots Sally Spectra. He questions why she’s not in New York and if she’s okay. Sally snarks that Thomas and Caroline got back together. She orders another round, mutters, “Flavor of the month,” and explains her Grams always said that’s all she was to Thomas. Danny offers to call them a cab, but Wyatt lives within walking distance. Sally chirps that she has nothing thanks to his father, Bill. Every one of the Spencers makes her sick. Wyatt argues that only two Spencers have wronged her and shrugs that Caroline is actually very likeable. Sally decides to leave, but her card is declined. Wyatt insists on paying, it’s the least he can do. He won’t let her sleep on the beach either, and invites her to crash at his place.

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At Wyatt’s place, he warns her about being too proud to accept his help. Sally admits she has nowhere else to go. She says she returned to L.A. on instinct, and rants about her failures. When Wyatt tries to get her to sit down, she drops her purse and a gun falls out. Sally notes she’s dumped and alone because of Wyatt’s father and aims at him. Wyatt protests and a shot rings out.

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