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In Forrester Creations boardroom, Ridge meets Xander, who is with Emma and Maya. Ridge will look at his graphic design portfolio, and realizes he likes Emma. Xander jokes that he saw stars when he met her. Ridge gets up to speed on the story, then learns Hope has left the building to see someone. Ridge asks if she seemed upset, and Emma talks about how much she idolizes her. Ridge asks Maya to let him know if she sees Hope – he’s concerned about her. After he decides to go home, Emma assures Xander it was nothing to do with him.

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At Brooke’s place, she and Liam discuss how cute Baby Kelly is before Brooke asks why he stopped by. Liam says he wanted to see Hope – he will always care about her. Brooke admits she’s heartbroken for her daughter, though she’s finding a way to rise above it all. Brooke tells him she’s gone to meet Kelly. Liam’s touched to hear she brought a gift for the baby. They agree she’s a hell of a woman. Brooke supports his family but can’t help but imagine the life he and Hope would be sharing if things had gone differently. Later, Ridge arrives and mentions he met Xander today – a nice kid. Brooke tells him she met Kelly and checked on Steffy – they’re thriving. She reveals Hope was visiting, which makes Ridge nervous. Brooke reassures him Hope’s accepted that Liam’s with Steffy now and is holding her head up. She assumes Hope was seeking closure and is letting go.

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At the cliff house, Steffy invites Hope to hold Kelly, but she feels the baby looks content with Steffy. After Steffy puts the baby to sleep, they talk about how much she wanted to be a mother, especially after the miscarriage. Steffy wonders how Hope is doing with her recent loss. Hope wants her to know she would never interfere with the decision Liam made. She feels what Bill did was horrible, and it was Steffy who suffered the most. Later, Liam arrives and Hope congratulates him on a beautiful baby. He admires the gift she brought. Hope listens as Liam and Steffy chat about diapers and coffee. Steffy goes to the baby, and Hope tells Liam she wishes the best for the three of them. Liam wants the same for her and apologizes for what she’s gone through. Hope will be okay, and he’s her Mr. Right, but she can’t work with him or see him every day. Liam understands. Hope’s glad she came there today – they’re a beautiful family and she’s happy for him. Outside, Hope cries.

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