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At the cliffhouse, Ridge checks in on Steffy, who reveals that she, Kelly and Liam will be a family. “Daddy’s coming home.” Ridge is thrilled to hear the news as Steffy assures him they’ll make it work this time. Father and daughter embrace. Steffy says she saw forgiveness in Liam’s eyes and he will never leave her again. Kelly awakens in the baby monitor and Ridge urges, “Do your thing, Mom.” After, Ridge expresses happiness about Steffy getting her life back finally.

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In Brooke’s living room, she counsels Hope that she needs self-care right now. Hope laments letting things slide with her line. She muses that Steffy has it all…Liam, the child…when does she get to be that lucky? Brooke complains about Hope ending up heartbroken again – she just wishes Wyatt had waited until after they said their vows. Hope doesn’t blame Wyatt, she blames Bill for his meddling. She decides she’ll return to work, it will be a welcome distraction. She tells Brooke she’s not just her mother, but her best friend – she’s so grateful. They tearfully embrace. Ridge arrives and confirms Liam and Steffy are back together. Hope supports them. Ridge thinks she’s remarkable. Outside the door, Hope cries. Inside, Ridge and Brooke bicker, as she protests it’s not fair – Hope and Liam should have been married and that baby should be theirs. Ridge states that it’s not, and wants Brooke to urge Hope to move on. Brooke doesn’t like it. Ridge shows her a photo of Liam, Steffy, and Kelly – he knows she doesn’t wish ill will on them. They express their love and hug.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin greets his niece, Emma, and chuckles over the Forresters still not knowing she’s a Barber. He notes that due to his history with Donna, and his association with Bill, his name’s not too good over there. Emmy, (played by Sheryl Underwood), arrives with files, and Justin teases that he hired her because she reminded him of his niece. Emmy laughs that Bill hired her. Emmy learns Emma’s working at Forrester Creations before exiting. Justin asks if Emmy’s keeping up with her dancing. She relays that she is, but has been assigned to the Hope for the Future relaunch. Her uncle urges her to make a name for herself, and they hug before parting ways.

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At Forrester Creations, Maya and Pam weigh in on Thorne’s designs for Hope’s line, and think it’s great the way he’s stepped up. Maya wonders where Emma, the new intern, is at. Talk turns to Liam needing to be with Steffy now in light of the baby’s birth. Thorne thinks Hope probably agrees. After, Emma arrives and is chastised by Pam – they need to know her whereabouts during work hours. The group is pleased when Hope arrives. She addresses the issue with Liam and insists she’s happy and strong. Thorne welcomes her back.

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