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At Forrester Creations, Thorne and Ridge go over designs. Thorne mentions Hope, and Ridge isn’t expecting her in today. He reveals that she and Liam called off their engagement, but adds he still doesn’t know what it means for Steffy and Liam.

At Brooke’s place, Hope’s upset over the loss of her happy ending. Brooke soothes that it wasn’t fair. Hope feels she’s lost Liam forever. They rehash the circumstances and how Hope really felt it would be different this time. Brooke urges her not to give up – Liam’s a new father now but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of his feelings for Hope. If he realizes he loves Hope more, it won’t make him less of a father to Kelly.

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At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy imbibe coffee after their first night with the baby. Steffy thanks Liam for being there; she can tell Kelly’s already attached to him. She knows he has other things going on… Liam reveals he and Hope called off their engagement. Steffy assumed he was just there to help out with Kelly. The baby awakens and Liam goes to the bedroom. Ridge calls and Steffy updates him that Liam stayed the night. They discuss Liam’s split with Hope and whether he might be home for good. They say goodbye, and Liam emerges from the bedroom to pick up their conversation. He says Hope realized she couldn’t stand in the way of this, and expresses regret that he took things so far. Steffy still thinks he’s amazing. Liam marvels that Kelly from her belly is actually here and they’re a family now. Steffy asks about a fresh start, but has to go to the baby. Liam flashes through romantic moments with Hope before looking at a photo of him and Steffy. In the bedroom, Steffy recalls Liam’s past anger and looks worried. She rejoins Liam, comes clean about the unhappy memory, and wonders if forgiveness is still possible. Liam reveals he wants to be a family in every sense – mother and father, husband and wife. He feels more for her than he ever has. Liam believes they were sabotaged and doesn’t want Kelly to grow up without a father’s presence. He’s forgiven Steffy and loves her. Steffy sobs that she loves him so much. They kiss…but smell a poopy diaper and laugh. After, Liam pulls Steffy into another deep kiss.

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Ridge disconnects from Steffy in the office, then tells Thorne that Liam spent the night at Steffy’s. Ridge muses if they get back together it will be hard on Hope. Thorne warns it will be hard on Ridge as well – Brooke really wants Liam and Hope together. The brothers debate Liam’s situation. Ridge hopes he’ll commit to the woman he had a baby with.

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