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At Brooke’s house, Hope asks Liam to be honest – does he want a life with Steffy? She won’t blame him if Kelly’s birth changes things. She asks if he still wants to be her husband. Liam just finds it hard to focus on anything but Kelly. Hope muses that he needs to be with her, and she figures he’ll realizes he needs to be with Steffy too. Hope doesn’t want to come between him and his child. She’s proud he gets to be the kind of father he never had. Hope understands he had found forgiveness toward Steffy and wasn’t ready to give up on the marriage. This hurts like hell, but she assures him it’s okay. Liam says, “I love you.” Hope doesn’t doubt that and loves him too, but can’t stand in the way. Liam holds her as she sobs.

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At the hospital, Eric admires his new great-granddaughter, as Ridge and Steffy look on, smiling. Eric and Ridge agree that Kelly picked Steffy for her mother. Dr. Phillips appears and announces Steffy and Kelly are both healthy and ready to go. Jokes are made about a parenting handbook and Steffy nods to her great support system. Ridge hopes she’ll have her husband, and the three of them will go home as a family. After Eric leaves, Ridge and Steffy wish Stephanie could see Kelly. Ridge reveals he spoke to Liam earlier, and he can’t imagine him going anywhere but home with the family he’s created. Later, Liam returns as Steffy and the baby are released. Liam assures Steffy that whatever happens with them, she’s not alone in this.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke insists to Thorne that she’s happy for Steffy, but he points out she’s also wondering what this will mean for Hope. Later, Eric returns and fills Thorne in on his hospital visit. Talk turns to Liam. Thorne reveals Brooke still thinks Liam will marry Hope. Eric’s taken aback. He says Liam’s little girl deserves a family and he will regret it if he doesn’t do everything to make that happen. Thorne and Eric agree – family first.

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Brooke arrives at home to discover Liam and Hope have split. Hope reveals she broke it off so he didn’t have to – she could see in his eyes he wanted to be with his family. Ridge enters and thanks her. Hope goes upstairs. Ridge assures Brooke her daughter will be fine, and tells her they have to support Steffy and Liam’s family. Brooke knows, and is happy for Ridge – she’ll love his grandbaby, but it’s hard to see this unfairness happening to Hope. Upstairs, Hope flashes through moments with Liam as she cries.

Steffy, Liam, and Kelly arrive at the cliffhouse. Steffy lets Liam know he can go, but he wants to be there. She’s pleased he wants to stay the night and talks about their new life as parents. Liam says, “Daddy’s home, and I’m not going anywhere.” They rock Kelly together.

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