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In the hospital, Liam tells Steffy again how much it means to him that she wanted to name their daughter after his mother. Dr. Philips enters and announces they’ll be able to take Kelly home later today – it’s time for them to go home and be a family. Liam has to head out for a while, and will be back. Steffy notes Hope must be hurting – none of them deserved this – and assures him she’ll be fine. Steffy tells Liam she loves him, but Kelly is her life now. She hopes they can share a life, but knows he’ll be an amazing father.

At home, Brooke and Hope discuss the baby’s arrival. Hope says it’s a game-changer. Brooke doesn’t think it will change Liam’s love for her. Talk turns to Wyatt interrupting the wedding. Hope wishes he’d said something sooner – maybe she and Liam would be married today. Brooke reassures her they’re meant to be together, before leaving for work.

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Wyatt go over Bill’s manipulations. Wyatt doesn’t regret stopping the wedding to tell Liam the truth…he does regret one thing though. Quinn’s blood’s boiling at the way Bill used Wyatt and declares he’ll get an earful from her. Wyatt asks her not to bother, and says he has to be the one to apologize to Steffy and Liam. He remarks that Hope is on his mind – she lost big in all of this. Quinn clucks that Bill messed with too many lives, hurt everyone, and now sits in his office pining for a woman he’ll never have. She thinks Hope must hate every breath he takes. Later, Brooke joins Quinn, who remarks on the healthy birth and asks how Hope’s doing. Brooke snarks that Wyatt’s timing couldn’t have been worse, and it’s inexcusable. The women bicker, each asking the other to have compassion for their child. Brooke says Hope’s heart was broken, while Wyatt will get over the guilt.

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At the hospital, Wyatt admires the baby, and apologizes for the waiting to come clean with Liam. She is bothered not just by him lying to her, but by him not questioning the set-up. Steffy assures him she’s committed to Liam…and their daughter. Wyatt fills her in on Bill taking everything away from him and says he’s sorry again. Steffy knows it must have been difficult to come forward, and admits she hasn’t a clue what Liam will do next. Wyatt points out Liam will be a good dad regardless. Steffy wants to be a family, but being a mother to Kelly is her priority.

Liam joins Hope at Brooke’s house. She congratulates him on the baby and asks after Steffy. Liam relays that she’s happier than he’s ever seen her; he’s proud of her. Hope nods politely as he recounts the big moments from the delivery. She tears up as Liam talks about his priorities suddenly shifting – everything is about Kelly now. Hope’s happy for him, but needs to know if he wants a future with her or wants to reunite with Steffy.

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