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At the hospital, Ridge joins Steffy, Liam and the baby, and says he was right outside the whole time. Steffy invites him to come meet his new granddaughter. Ridge breathes, “She’s beautiful.” Steffy mentions calling Taylor in a bit, and assures her father they’re all fine. Liam formally introduces Ridge to Baby Kelly. Dr. Philips appears – Kelly needs to be examined, as does Steffy. Liam and Ridge step out.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke, Hope, and Pam wait for a call from Ridge. Pam goes on about how strong Steffy is, being named after her grandmother. Eric checks in, and Hope looks uncertainly at a photo of Steffy and Liam on the desk. Brooke gets a call from Ridge, who updates that Steffy and the baby are fine. Brooke relays the news and tells Ridge that Pam, Hope, Eric, Quinn and Thorne are all there. They holler congratulations. Brooke asks about Liam. Ridge says he’s out getting fresh air; it’s all hitting him now. They express their love and disconnect. Thorne breaks out champagne to toast to the newest Forrester. Brooke joins Hope to discuss the intense, life-changing event Liam went through. Hope’s glad everything turned out okay and notes he’s finally a father. Brooke asks how she’s feeling. Hope remarks if she’d got what she wanted she’d be Mrs. Liam Spencer right now; she’s happy for them, but has a feeling she may have lost him today. Brooke assures her they belong together and pulls her into a hug.

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In the hospital waiting area, Ridge lets Liam know that he relayed the good news to everyone at Forrester, including Hope. Liam marvels at all the emotions he’s feeling and glances into Steffy’s room. Ridge notes Steffy and the baby need him; he can give them stability. “That’s your family in there, they’re here because of you. Choose them.” They rehash Bill derailing what they had. Liam smiles as Ridge says Steffy loves him and fought for him. Liam rejoins Steffy as Dr. Philips returns with Kelly. They agree she’s the greatest blessing and that their lives changed in a moment. Liam says, “She’s our miracle.” Steffy doesn’t want to keep anything from Liam, so reveals that Bill came to her house – they had it out, she slammed the door, and that’s when she tripped and fell. Liam fumes, “That’s why? Because of him?” Steffy cautions him about being negative around the baby. Liam will deal with his father later. They express their love and kiss. Steffy smiles. “Cha, cha, cha.”

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