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In the hospital, Liam and the doctor urge Steffy to push again as she worries, “It’s too soon.” In the waiting area, Ridge paces and hovers by the door as Steffy agonizes and flashes to when his daughter told him she was pregnant, and talked about how much she wanted a baby. In the room, the doctor says the baby’s heartrate is slower than she’d like. Liam reassures a scared Steffy – they can do this together. He kisses her hand.

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At Forrester Creation, Eric, Pam, Quinn, and Thorne are stunned when Brooke tells them Steffy fell and has gone into labor. Pam frets – she isn’t due for weeks! Hope reassures them she has the best doctors and Liam is there; they need to stay positive. Thorne urges Pam to rest up for babysitting. Pam supposes, but she’s still concerned and wonders what happened when Steffy fell. Brooke mentions Hope and Liam, but Hope wants to focus on Liam, Steffy, and the baby. Brooke steps out, and Hope tells Pam they’ll do something special for Steffy and the baby.

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In the waiting area, Ridge takes a call from Brooke. He has no update and tells her she doesn’t need to come over. He worries something is wrong, but Brooke reassures him that Steffy and Liam will have a healthy baby. Ridge feels helpless. Brooke says they’re all there together sending love and support, and encourages him to stay positive. Ridge returns to hovering by the door, where, inside, the doctor has given a steroid to help the baby breathe and Steffy pushes again. Dr. Philips informs Steffy on the next contraction they’ll deliver the baby. Liam coaches her to give everything she’s got as the contraction hits. Steffy’s exhausted as the next pushes don’t get the baby out. Philips warns the situation’s becoming critical and Liam gives Steffy another pep talk. He says, “You’ve got this,” so Steffy focuses and pushes with all her might. Finally, the baby is delivered, but Liam and Steffy ask why she’s not crying. Kelly still has amniotic fluid in her lungs, but it’s cleared. Liam and Steffy joyfully hold their daughter as Dr. Phillips says, “Hello Kelly Spencer, meet your mommy and daddy.” Steffy sobs happy tears and Liam tearfully marvels that she’s so incredible and beautiful. Liam vows they’ll always take care of her together and they kiss. Ridge looks in, smiles, and breathes a deep sigh.

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After calling Ridge, Brooke updates the others at FC. They discuss the baby and Eric muses it makes Quinn a step-great-grandmother. She knows she can’t replace Stephanie, but vows to be the best great-grandmother. Pam notes she’ll have to finish making her baby sweater. Hope knows Steffy and Liam will make great parents. Thorne, Eric, and Quinn step aside and discuss the halted wedding. Eric thinks Wyatt did the right thing, and hopes the baby will have a strong family. Across the room, Hope tells Pam and Brooke that she’s sure Liam is encouraging Steffy, who deserves to be a mom – and the baby deserves a beautiful life.

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