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At the cliff house, Steffy, still on the floor, hopes nothing is wrong with the baby after her fall.

In the cabin, Liam tells Ridge he doesn’t know what to think yet. Ridge finds this unacceptable – Bill’s lie has been exposed and it’s time for Liam to take his life back. Ridge reminds him he forgave Steffy and sent flowers and notes to the house. She and the baby need him. Liam points out the other piece of the puzzle is that he’s also in love with Hope. Ridge urges Liam not to punish Steffy for something she didn’t do. Liam takes a call from Steffy, who is upset and says she had an accident, her water broke, and she’s cramping up. She’s ordered a car, so Liam rushes off to meet her at the hospital. Up in Brooke’s house, she thinks it’s almost criminal what Hope and Liam have been through. She’s sure Ridge will encourage Liam to return to Steffy, so informs Hope she can’t wait – she needs to marry Liam tomorrow. Hope wonders if her mother thinks she’ll lose Liam if she doesn’t. Brooke notes it’s just easier to drive a wedge between unmarried people. She counsels that Hope needs to protect what they have and cement their bond – waiting until the baby is born would be like gift-wrapping Liam and dropping him on Steffy’s doorstep. Ridge enters as Brooke warns Steffy will use the baby to get Liam. He says she’s right about the baby tying them together forever.

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At the hospital, Steffy frets that it’s too soon. Dr. Philips gets up to speed on what happened just as Liam bursts in. Philips urges Steffy to stay calm, but she hollers with a painful contraction. The doctor declares she’s in labor and explains pre-term labor. Liam coaches Steffy through another contraction. Dr. Philips sets up for an ultrasound and orders medication. Steffy asks Liam to call her father.

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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge is still debating with his wife, who insists Hope wants to marry Liam right away. He advises Brooke to back off a bit, then takes Liam’s call about Steffy. He disconnects and fills Brooke in. She reassures him it will be okay and he rushes off. Hope reappears and Brooke tells her the baby’s coming and that Liam’s with Steffy. She hopes the baby’s okay.

In Steffy’s hospital room, Dr. Philips relays the baby’s heartrate is decelerating. Ridge arrives in the waiting area outside. Meanwhile, Liam and Steffy learn umbilical cord pressure is causing issues and they may need to do a C-Section. Liam tells Steffy they’ll bring the baby out together. Suddenly, Steffy’s fully dilated and is told to push. Liam enthuses that it’s happening – they’re going to meet their daughter!

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