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Upstairs at Brooke’s, Liam explains to Hope how Bill duped Wyatt. Hope notes he was going back to Steffy before the lie.

At the cliff house, Steffy gasps when Ridge texts her that everyone knows the truth about the lie and he doesn’t see how the wedding can go on.

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Downstairs at Brooke’s house, Ridge asks Wyatt if he was the one who relayed the lie to Liam. Wyatt admits he was, but he didn’t know it wasn’t true then. Brooke wants to go upstairs, but Eric stops her. Wyatt apologizes that doing the right thing, isn’t the right thing for everyone, but he wasn’t about to let Liam be manipulated by their father again. Upstairs, Liam ruminates to Hope that Steffy tried to tell him it was a lie – he wonders why he didn’t believe her. Hope thinks he may want to give that question some thought, but adds it won’t help them right now. Downstairs, Katie reassures Wyatt that she loves him all the more knowing that this is where he drew the line. Wyatt points out he won’t be the Spencer heir now. Katie’s unconcerned – she has lots of Bill’s money to take care of them. Brooke joins them to ask Wyatt why he didn’t come forward sooner. Ridge interjects that he did the right thing; the timing’s not relevant. In the bedroom, Liam’s trying to get things straight in his head. He assures Hope he’s not sorry they made love – he’s always loved her. Hope still wants to marry him, but not today, not like this. Liam hates himself for doing this to her. Hope says it’s her decision – they have to find out what this means for them. Liam hugs her. Downstairs, Brooke argues with Ridge about Hope’s future being stolen from her. Hope and Liam appear. Hope announces she’s canceled the wedding; a family member was slandered so out of respect for her they’ll postpone. Ridge ducks away to phone Steffy and update her about Wyatt being duped by Bill and urges Steffy to go to Liam at the cabin. After, Liam tells Hope he wishes he could fix this for her. She tells him it’s not his fault. He wishes he had her grace and courage. She wishes she had his name. Liam goes to the cabin and Steffy arrives. He apologizes for not listening to her – now he’s hurt her and Hope. She reassures him. Liam says if he hadn’t believed the lie, they’d be together right now. Steffy talks forgiveness and the baby kicks. Liam places his hand on her tummy. Steffy asks him to put the hurt behind them and come home.

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In Bill’s office, he grumps to Justin about Wyatt not calling with news on the wedding – he knows he’s waiting. Justin chortles about Bill always believing the world works in his favor. Bill replies that’s because he’s the big dog, and woofs for emphasis. Justin points out his phone’s not ringing. Bill remains certain Wyatt will keep his mouth shut – his conscience is open for negotiation. Bill starts making remodeling plans with Steffy in mind. Justin thinks he’s getting ahead of himself. Later, Wyatt arrives. Bill chortles about wedding cake. Wyatt knows he doesn’t care about him and reports there was no wedding – he told Liam everything.

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