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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt rails at Bill that Steffy only wants Liam. Bill insists it’s the best outcome for all concerned, but Wyatt asks, “For your granddaughter? For Steffy?” Bill replies, “Yes.” He promises he’s looking out for the best interests of his family as usual, and implores Wyatt to leave Hope and Liam alone and let them have the life they’ve always wanted. Wyatt counters it’s fine if Liam decides to be with Hope once he knows the truth, but he’s made a choice based on Bill’s lies. Bill switches tactics – Liam doesn’t cut it as a Spencer man; he’s not Wyatt. Bill declares that Wyatt’s always been his favorite son and heir apparent. Wyatt stares as Bill hypes up his Spencer qualities and ruminates that Liam is soft – that’s why he needs a woman like Hope. Wyatt asserts that’s not up to him. Bill wants Wyatt to leave it alone; it will work out for everyone. Wyatt feels Steffy and Liam deserve to know why they’re world has been blown apart. He storms out. After a sprint, Bill catches up to Wyatt in the parking lot and between gasps, protests that he and Steffy are inevitable. Wyatt refuses to listen. Bill offers Wyatt his Ferrari. Wyatt sees he’s trying to buy him. Bill promises to give Wyatt the keys to the whole kingdom…just for leaving his brother alone. Wyatt muses Liam does seem happy. He sits in the driver’s seat. Bill dangles the keys and asks him to prove his loyalty and be his number one son. Wyatt peels away leaving Bill grinning.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie admires Hope’s engagement ring and tells Liam he’s welcome back in the Logan clan – she’s thrilled for both of them. Katie thinks Brooke must be planning the wedding already. Hope confirms she’s on top of it. Hope and Liam canoodle. Katie finds it inspiring that they’ve found their way back together. Liam tells Hope his daughter will be lucky to have her. Hope can’t wait to be married.

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In Brooke’s living room, Taylor suggests her rival talk some sense into her daughter – Hope’s marriage would never work, it’s a rebound. Brooke counters that Steffy slept with her father-in-law, and sneers, “That’s disgusting!” She assures Taylor this wedding is happening…A.S.A.P. Taylor reminds Brooke that no one forced Liam to marry Steffy – he loves her. She thinks Brooke’s intimidated by that, but Brooke claims she just doesn’t trust Steffy. Taylor can’t believe that Brooke isn’t even going to consider Liam’s little one, and what she needs. Brooke advises Taylor to have Steffy accept the inevitable, which is Hope and Liam getting married; nothing and no one will stop it.

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At the cliff house, Taylor updates Steffy that Brooke wouldn’t listen. Steffy feels she’s starting to lose her mind. She can’t understand why their future was snatched away, and would do anything to take back that one horrible night. Steffy hisses, “I want nothing to do with Bill.”

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