In the design office, Steffy informs Liam that ultrasound is right now, she tells him it’s fine if he needs to stay. Hope encourages Liam to go and they can talk about it tonight over dinner. Steffy tells Hope she’s sorry for the inconvenience and leaves with Liam. Elsewhere, Brooke chats with Emma, who gushes about how much she’s learned from Hope, and delivers a file. She calls Brooke a fashion icon as Ridge arrives. Emma goes, and Brooke and Ridge canoodle. Emma-Brooke-office-BB-HWHe reveals that Steffy’s about to go to an ultrasound, and Brooke notes he has a meeting with Hope. Ridge thinks the ultrasound trumps a Hope for the Future meeting – he has a marital commitment. After, Hope catches up with Brooke, and they share a laugh over it being Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Brooke expresses gratitude that they get to work together. Hope talks to Brooke about Liam’s idea for the scarves, and her mother loves it. Hope confirms the meeting went well until Steffy came in to take Liam to the ultrasound. She notes Steffy’s not above using her pregnancy to reel Liam back in. Hope-Brooke-clasp-hands-office-BB-HWBrooke points out Steffy isn’t subtle and they talk about her touching her belly, though Brooke also recalls doing it when she was pregnant with RJ, and Stephanie hated it. Hope worries she’s being unfair and jealous, and wants the little girl to be happy. Brooke warns she will bring Liam and Steffy closer. Hope thinks Liam can finally see that Steffy’s no angel after what she did with Bill. Ridge overhears and confronts them. He insists they don’t deliberately turn Liam away from his wife and child – it’s arrogant for Hope to think she knows what’s best for him when he doesn’t. [B&B was pre-empted at 1:56 – 1:57 PM for a news report]

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At Dr. Philip’s office, Steffy assures Liam everything will be fine. The doctor enters and asks after the ‘happy little family’. Steffy and Liam respond pleasantly. They begin, and Liam and Steffy marvel at the baby’s increased size. As they continue, Dr. Philips looks concerned and asks Steffy to cough for her repeatedly. She sends Liam to get a cold orange juice from the nurse and tells Steffy not to be alarmed, Dr-Philips-Liam-Steffy-ultrasound-news-BB-HWbut she’s not seeing something she should be. Liam returns and Dr. Philips asks if Steffy can come back and see her next week. Liam notes they won’t sleep tonight. Philips admits she can’t get the baby to move. Liam saw her look at something on the baby’s back. The doctor remains vague and wants to schedule a follow-up to be certain. Suddenly, the baby moves and Dr. Philips decrees there is nothing to worry about. Liam and Steffy embrace. Afterward, Liam notes his blood froze. Steffy talks about his bond with their baby. Liam knows Steffy’s still the same person he fell in love with, and when they have these experiences, he recognizes who they are when no one’s looking. He assures her they’ll always be a family and he’ll always be there for her too. Liam hugs Steffy, who sheds a tear.

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