At Bill’s place, he tells a relieved Liam that Steffy was right – he wasn’t the shooter. Liam wonders if it wasn’t him, who was it? Bill explainsLiam-Bill-shoulder-BB-JJ how he realized it couldn’t have been Liam once he got back home where it occurred. Liam has a realization and asks, “You know who it was, don’t you?” Bill avoids answering and goes on about knowing it wasn’t Liam, who confides that he wouldn’t have forgiven himself. Bill repeats, “You didn’t pull the trigger. You couldn’t pull the trigger.”

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In Malibu, Steffy asks how Taylor could have shot Bill. Taylor doesn’t have an excuse and warns that if Bill keeps the secret it will be for Steffy. She says, “Your husband’s father is in love with you.” Steffy confirms she doesn’t want Bill, she wants Liam, and doesn’t want to raise their little girl without him. Steffy-tears-Taylor-BB-JJThey go over Ridge having told Taylor that Steffy was sexually assaulted. Steffy reiterates that they got it all wrong, it was consensual. She invites her mother to stay, but Taylor doesn’t think it’s good for her to be around anyone right now. She hopes when she comes back she’ll find Steffy raising her beautiful granddaughter with Liam. They tearfully embrace. Taylor urges Steffy to take care of her beautiful baby. Later, Bill arrives. They discuss Taylor, and Steffy insists she will get help. Bill relays that he kept the secret for Steffy. He adds, “I did something for you, Steffy, and now I need you to do something for me.” Bill wants her to sign the annulment papers and force Liam to make a decision. If he moves on with Hope, Bill would like Steffy to open herself up to the feelings she has for him. Bill asks her to think about the future while he’s on a business trip.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope and Maya enthuse about relaunching the Hope for the Future line.Hope-Maya-confide-BB-JJ Maya asks if Liam is still helping out. Maya knows Hope still cares for him. She muses about Bill’s shooting, but Hope says they have no new leads. Maya tells Hope she thinks Liam would be a great fit to work on the line – he’s always been kind and compassionate.

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At the hotel, Liam thinks about Bill saying he didn’t pull the trigger. Hope arrives, after receiving an urgent text.Liam-Hope-hotel-news-Bb-JJ Liam smiles and informs her that she and Steffy were right. He explains he made up the memories after bumping his head that night, and exclaims, “It wasn’t me!” Hope is ecstatic. Liam describes how Steffy came over and poked holes in his story before he went to see Bill, who confirmed his innocence. Hope breathlessly asks questions as they celebrate. Hope rambles about him being good and kind. Liam shouts, “I’m free! I’m innocent!” They embrace.

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