At Bill’s place, Steffy wants to know if he’s forcing Taylor to confess to his shooting. Taylor explains she was in a rage, came to confront Bill, the gun was sitting there and she just lost it. “I shot him!” Steffy then learns that Taylor showed up and threatened to shoot him again. Bill reiterates that it wasn’t Liam who shot him. Steffy works to get her mind around all of this. Taylor starts in about Bill sexually assaulting Steffy, who insists the sex was consensual. Taylor reels and asks, “What have I done?” Steffy senses her distraught mother needs help. Tay begs Bill not to send her to prison – she’ll never survive. Steffy pleads with Bill to see that Taylor was out of her mind when she pulled the trigger. Bill mutters, “Am I just supposed to let this go? Attempted murder?” Steffy replies, “That’s exactly what I’m asking.” Bill insists Taylor must pay the price, but Steffy counters it was their fault. Bill agrees her mother needs help, and prays she gets it…in prison. Steffy-Taylor-reassure-BB-HWSteffy protests; her mother isn’t a danger and Bill should be happy that Liam didn’t shoot him. She begs Bill not to implicate her mom. Bill agrees to stick to the ‘stranger’ story, for Steffy, and adds stonily, “For now.” Steffy hugs Taylor. After Steffy leaves to tell Liam he wasn’t the shooter, Bill expresses relief that his son wasn’t culpable. He offers the shaky Taylor a glass of water. She explains she didn’t plan to shoot him and talks about feeling protective of her child. Bill reflects on loving his son. Taylor tells Bill she owes him everything. Bill did it for Steffy.

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Liam opens his door to Hope, who has food for him. Hope-Liam-news-hotel-BB-HWShe asks what happened with Steffy, and Liam reveals he told her he shot his dad. They rehash how Liam could have killed Bill. Liam recaps why he told Steffy the truth and says, “She need to know what I’m capable of.” Hope goes on a tangent about him still being the good man he’s always been, but Liam argues the point. They rehash the details of the night in question. Hope credits Liam for coming clean as soon as he realized what he did. Liam doesn’t feel he can live up to her belief in him. Hope questions if his memories are real. Steffy-Liam-news-BB-HWLiam relays that Steffy said the same thing – he couldn’t have done it – but he’s a monster who doesn’t know what will make him snap the next time. Hope becomes agitated trying to dissuade him of the notion he’s dangerous. Liam doesn’t feel he deserves her love and asks her to go so he can figure out how to deal with the stranger inside him. Later, Steffy arrives with important news – she found her mother at Bill’s house, and Taylor made Bill realize Liam wasn’t the shooter. She urges Liam to stop torturing himself and repeats, “You didn’t shoot your father.”

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