At Bill’s place, he cautiously tries to talk Taylor into putting down the gun. She shakes as she aims at him and yells, “There has to be a line! Someone has to say ‘no more’!” Taylor goes on that Liam and Steffy should have been getting ready for their baby; why couldn’t Bill have left her daughter alone? Her breath comes rapidly before she slowly puts down the gun.Taylor-at-Bills-BB-HW Bill rushes over to nab the firearm. Taylor wails that what he did was so wrong. Bill counters, “You shot me!” Taylor cries about him destroying peoples’ lives. She was so angry; he hurt her baby. Taylor knows Bill has done some terrible things, but she’s not above admitting that what she did was worse.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy is adamant that Liam did not shoot his father. Liam continues to argue the point,Steffy-reassures-Liam-crime-BB-HW but Steffy refuses to believe it. She declares that means the shooter is still out. Steffy decides they must find the person who did this because it wasn’t Liam. Liam marvels that she’s not afraid of him. Steffy gets a notification from an app that Taylor’s in town – she worries about her finding out about Bill and that night. Steffy tells Liam she loves him; he’s the kind of man their daughter will look up to and the kind of man she needs in her life.

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In the design office, Ridge wonders to Brooke if Taylor went straight to Spencer’s house – she was furiousRidge-Brooke-red-design-office-BB-HW when he told her what happened. He remarks on how protective Taylor is of her children. They discuss Steffy not telling Taylor about Bill – she probably didn’t want to worry her. Ridge reflects on Taylor’s state of mind after he told her. Brooke reminds him she’s a professional. Ridge replies that’s how she knows Bill took advantage of their daughter. They debate the point. Brooke worries if Taylor thinks he preyed on Steffy, things will get a lot worse.

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Taylor recalls the night she came to confront Bill and shot him. Bill marvels that she left him for dead and starts hollering. Taylor doesn’t blame him for being angry. Bill fumes that she only came back when Ridge was jailed. He screams that he didn’t hurt Steffy, but Taylor will when she goes to prison. Bill realizes that Liam didn’t do it, it was his concussion making him believe he did. As Bill seethes, “It was you!” Steffy enters. She comforts her mother and demands to know what’s going on. Bill wants Taylor to tell Steffy what she did. Steffy wants to talk to Bill alone, but he wants no more secrets. He realizes Steffy spoke to Liam, who thinks he shot him. Steffy protests that Liam didn’t do it. Taylor announces she knows Liam didn’t shoot Bill…because it was her. Steffy’s stunned.

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At his hotel, Liam recalls Steffy saying it wasn’t him, and flashes to the night of the shooting.

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Brooke and Ridge wonder about Bill’s change of heart.

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