At Spencer Publications, Wyatt asks if Bill really wants to come between him and Katie. Bill informs his son if he marries Katie they will both pay the price. He goes on to say that if Wyatt marries Katie he will disrespect him and the family. Wyatt is upset. Bill informs him if he does what he’s asking, one day he’ll inherit the entire company. If not, he’ll get nothing. Wyatt-deal-with-Bill-BB-CBSWyatt asks, “What about Liam?” Bill says they have irreconcilable differences. Wyatt takes another stab at convincing Bill to accept him with Katie, but Bill won’t have him as a stepfather to Will. Bill will put the inheritance in writing, but only if he ends the engagement and doesn’t get married.

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At Forrester Creations, Thorne works to convince Katie to break it off with Wyatt and date him. He teases she’s beautiful, but has made bad decisions when it comes to men. Katie counters that Wyatt makes her laugh. Thorne points out what Bill is threatening is not funny. He apologizes for bringing Katie down, but he cares about her, and knows what the custody battle could do to her. It would be a hefty scandal and all-out war. Katie sneers that Bill shouldn’t be able to dictate who she is with. Thorne reminds her there are other options to Wyatt.Brooke-calm-Ridge-BB-CBS Elsewhere, Brooke finds Ridge distracted. He admits he’s thinking about Bill, who set him up to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. Brooke tries to calm him, but Ridge is determined to remind Bill that he can’t do this to his family, and stalks out. Later, Wyatt joins Katie in the design office and updates her on his run-in with Bill. He admits his father made him a proposal – if they end their engagement he would make him heir apparent and even put it in writing. Katie notes it’s what he’s always wanted, and asks, “So what did you tell him?” Wyatt replies that he told Bill he loves her, but there’s a lot at stake. Wyatt-Katie-outfox-BB-CBSKatie decides they need to be realistic. Wyatt suggests they end the engagement and let Bill think he’s won. Katie urges him to get the company in writing – she doesn’t need to be married to love him. Katie removes her ring and says, “The engagement’s off, we’re still on.” They canoodle as Wyatt muses they can outfox the fox. In the boardroom, Brooke tells Thorne that she’s afraid Ridge has gone to confront Bill again.

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At Bill’s place, he lounges on the sofa as Ridge arrives. Bill invites him to say what he wants and get out. Ridge wants him to admit the truth – he set him up. Bill insists he genuinely believed he shot him. They verbally spar until Ridge turns the conversation to Steffy, and barks, “You can’t have her.”

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