At the hotel, Liam glowers at Bill and asks, “You’re seriously going to turn this into some kind of deal? I get my freedom and you get my wife, is that it?” Bill shrugs that he did something terrible, but Liam did something worse – they should move on. Liam refuses. Bill snarls about Liam and his sanctimonious crap and reminds him he nearly died. Liam shouts that he hates violence, it’s not who he is, it’s like he wasn’t in his own body. Bill summarizes that they’re disgusted with each other, but are still father and son. He wants Liam’s forgiveness, but Liam can’t do it, and reminds him why he snapped. Liam-glare-Bill-BB-CBSBill insists they must move on and admits he wants Steffy – she belongs with him. Liam is floored when Bill announces he ‘gave’ Steffy to him. Liam seethes that women aren’t possessions and they had everything until he took it away. Bill says it took two people that night, and it will happen again. Liam screams at him to get out. After, Liam paces and flashes through his memories the night of the shooting.

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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Steffy calls Hope out for pretending to support her marriage – except she discovered she couldn’t, as she’s still in love with Liam. Hope says things are different because Liam’s a different person now – she’s not sure he’ll ever get over what he’s been through. Steffy’s surprised when Hope admits she’s never been more worried about him. Hope goes on to warn that Bill wants Steffy, and he won’t give up until he gets what he wants. Elsewhere, Thorne teases Katie about being a ‘cradle-robber’ and hints that she’s a little disappointed that Bill woke up from his coma. Katie talks about Wyatt being everything that Bill is not. Thorne asks if she’s ready to risk everything to be with him.Katie-Wyatt-concerns-Bill-BB-CBS He reminds her of Bill’s threats surrounding her engagement. Katie hopes he’s gained perspective from his near-death experience. Thorne doubts it and asks again if Wyatt’s really worth it. Wyatt appears, and says, “I thought I smelled jealously when I stepped into the building.” Katie smiles. Thorne wants Katie to be happy, but is concerned about Bill’s threats. Thorne’s called out and Katie reassures Wyatt. They discuss not having heard from Bill yet. Katie worries Bill can still sue for custody and cut Wyatt out of the company. Wyatt hopes maybe the shooting mellowed him out. Later, Thorne rejoins Katie to warn that things could get ugly and complains about her complicated engagement. He adds he could make her life very easy.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill finds Wyatt behind his desk. Wyatt expresses how glad he is that his father’s okay. Bill notes he looked comfortable in the chair. Wyatt asks for his blessing to marry Katie – he’s willing to look past the choices Bill made previously. Wyatt wants to work together on this.

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