In the design office, Steffy urges Hope to back off Liam. Hope complains about Liam being hurt. Steffy feels stabbed in the back, and reminds her they’ve created something precious and worth fighting for – their baby. Hope thinks she’s played that card enough. Steffy retorts that she’s not a card. She accuses Hope of getting in Liam’s head. Hope shrugs – she just told him he deserves the very best. Steffy replies knowingly, Hope-argue-Steffy-design-office-BB-CBS“And that’s not me.” Hope notes she’d never have sex with her husband’s father, and rants that they were supposed to have a life together. Steffy shares she would do anything to take back her mistake, but wants to work through it. Hope muses that perhaps Steffy and Bill will wind up together in the end.

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At the hotel, Liam answers the door to Bill, who has been released from the hospital. Liam’s glad he’s out, but not sure it’s wise for him to be there. Bill wants time with his son, who he says has given him much-needed perspective on both their lives. Liam-answers-door-to-Bill-BB-CBSBill goes on about the two of them and Hope sharing a huge secret, though not in a good way. He says nearly dying was a wake-up call; probably for Liam as well. Bill’s glad Liam had Hope to help him through it, and apologizes for his past interference. Liam furiously calls Bill out for trying to play matchmaker rather than to check on him. Bill muses that Liam and Steffy had a good run, and he just wants them all to be happy. Bill characterizes his dalliance with Steffy as the culmination of what they always felt for one another. He thinks Liam and Hope have come full circle as well. He mentions the shooting, and Liam seethes about him trying to make a deal – his freedom for his wife.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt informs the employees that until his father returns, they’ll be reporting to him. After, Katie tells him he looks good behind that desk. Wyatt thinks it’s a fit.Katie-warn-wyatt-bills-office-BB-CBS Katie warns him not to get too attached. They rehash Bill being livid over their engagement. Wyatt wonders if Bill’s changed after his near-death experience. Katie says they can’t be caught off-guard. Jarrett enters. Once Katie’s gone, Jarrett asks Wyatt to speak to Bill and help him get his job back. Wyatt relays that his father hasn’t been receptive to him lately. Jarrett suggests Wyatt stay at the helm and hire him back; Spencer is his home, he doesn’t want to go. He pleads with Wyatt to put a stop to the injustice.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie updates Thorne that she and Wyatt are still together. Thorne questions if Bill’s come to terms with their engagement. Katie presumes he’s still opposed. Thorne doesn’t blame Bill, though he disapproves of his bullying tactics. He asks Katie if marrying Wyatt is worth the risk of losing her son.

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