In Liam’s hotel room, Steffy presses him to come home, for her and the baby. She thanks him again for convincing Bill to see the truth about Ridge – her father isn’t a monster. Steffy goes on that when she arrived, it seemed he and Hope were hiding something. She wants to know what’s going on. Liam paces and Steffy tells him she wants them to be honest with each other – it kills her that she hurt him. She suggests this time apart isn’t helping and they should move forward. Liam agrees that time won’t help and they should move on – he thinks Steffy should do so with his father. Steffy is bewildered as to why he’s saying this. Liam flashes to Hope saying Steffy will eventually give in to Bill. Steffy observes this doesn’t sound like him – did Hope fill his head with this? She doesn’t want Bill, and urges Liam not to listen to Hope – she doesn’t know what they share – and pleads with him not to give up on them. Once alone, Liam recalls his kisses with Steffy and Hope and agonizes.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Hope as far as he’s concerned the shooting case is closed – he doesn’t care who shot Bill. He asks why Hope missed the celebration, and Brooke questions if she was with Liam. Hope-forrester-BB-CBSHope says Bill knew it wasn’t Ridge, and Liam was relieved he admitted it. Once Ridge leaves, Hope confesses to Brooke that she told Liam he needs to stay away from Steffy and his father. Brooke asks why she’d do that. Hope insists he needs to get out of that marriage for his own sanity. Brooke listens as Hope says Steffy will be a great mother but she and Liam won’t make it – some relationships are too toxic to continue. Brooke reminds her Steffy didn’t accept Bill’s proposal, but Hope declares that Bill won’t give up until he gets what he wants, and what he wants is Steffy. Ridge returns as Hope says Liam needs to move on.Steffy-fight-BB-CBS He feels Liam and Steffy will recover as they’ve a baby on the way, and wonders if something’s going on they don’t know about. Later, in the design office, Steffy confronts Hope about what she’s said to Liam, and complains about her throwing Bill in her face – she wants to be with Liam. Steffy realizes Hope’s no longer supporting her marriage and puts her on notice that she will fight for Liam.

Home from the hospital, Bill gets comfortable in his living room as Justin grills him and asks, “Do you know who shot you, Bill?” Justin senses he knows, and Bill flashes to Liam’s confession before repeating what he told Detective Sanchez; he didn’t recognize the shooter. Bill grumps that Justin and his questions are giving him a headache, but shares that the night he got shot, he proposed to Steffy. Justin muses that despite everything that happened, he still wants a life with Steffy.

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