In Liam’s hotel room, Hope’s not sorry she kissed him. Liam declares he’s not worthy of her love since he tried to murder his own father. Hope feels everyone has a breaking point and that Bill, along with Steffy, took him to a dark place. She says it’s time he finally moved on and made a new life without his father and Steffy. Liam wonders, how does he move on from trying to kill his father? Hope sighs that she’s tried to be supportive of him and Steffy but she can’t anymore. She talks about the real Steffy Forrester who interfered in their relationship and had sex with his father. Hope can’t let her use their childHope-Liam-leave-Steffy-BB-CBS to hang onto Liam – she cares too much about him to let it happen anymore. Liam sits on the bed. Hope joins him and announces she’s done being nice; if she’s being honest, she came back home because she couldn’t get over him. Hope urges him to let Steffy and Bill be together. Liam muses that she’s right, about a lot of it. He thinks maybe he does need her. Hope pleads with Liam to get himself out of the toxic cycle, and Liam replies that he thinks Hope came back right when he needed her.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy interrupts Ridge and Brooke’s canoodling. Steffy hugs Ridge and says she’s glad he’s there and that Liam came through. Ridge grunts about Bill wanting him in prison for life. Brooke announces that now Ridge is in the clear, it’s time to focus on who actually shot Bill. Steffy mentions Hope spending a lot of time with Liam lately, and Ridge agrees it’s not a good idea. Steffy hopes she continues to respect her marriage. In the design studio, Katie, Wyatt, Thomas, Sally, Charlie, Quinn, and Eric eat Pam’s baking and discuss Bill’s shooting. Eric thinks it’s strange Bill’s now saying it was a stranger. Katie figures the police will be asking the same question, and Wyatt muses the case won’t be closed anytime soon. Sally laments being one of the first suspects,Sally-thomas-discuss-shooting-BB-CBS and Eric’s curious where the investigation will lead. Thomas thinks maybe it will never be solved, but Pam says the detective was relentless – he even questioned her. Charlie explains Pammy was off her meds but never would have done it. Wyatt asserts that no matter what they all think about his father, he still deserves to know who did it, and why. Later, Thomas and Sally join Brooke and Ridge. Thomas announces he’ll always be there for Douglas, but he’s taking Sally back to New York and they’ll be together. Brooke and Ridge are happy for them.

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At the hotel, Liam kisses Hope and Steffy arrives, asking to be alone with her husband. Hope goes, and Steffy thanks Liam for helping set her father free. She tells Liam she’d like him to come home, and moves in close to say, “I know you want to. Please come home.”

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