In the hospital, Liam and Hope listen as Sanchez asks Bill if he saw the person who shot him. Bill confirms he did. Sanchez asks, “Who was it?” Liam has something to say, but Bill insists on finishing. He claims he saw the reflection of a man in the window and it was no one he knows; no one he’s ever seen before. Bill felt certain it was Ridge, but supposes he must have been wrong, it was a complete stranger. Sanchez is skeptical, and irritated that he’s now certain it was not Ridge Forrester. Bill notes he has a few enemies out there; it could have been any one of them. Sanchez presses for more of a description. Bill only says it was no one he ever met before – and no one he ever wants to see again. Sanchez reveals that Ridge will be free to go; apparently they’ve been holding an innocent man. Hope-Liam-Bill-demands-BB-HWHe asks Bill to call him if he remembers anything more. Once Sanchez is gone, Liam thanks Bill, who admits he thought about turning him in, but agrees with Hope there’s been enough pain to go around. He concedes he set things in motion by going to Steffy and will take his share of responsibility. Liam was prepared to confess, but Bill says his little girl will need her daddy – no one will ever know what happened. Bill apologizes to Liam; he’s sorry for all the pain they’ve caused each other. Liam sighs.

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At the jail, Brooke joins Steffy and Ridge with good news – Detective Sanchez agreed to question Bill again. Ridge and Steffy get up to speed on her talk with Sanchez. Ridge complains about Bill framing him to get him out of the way so he can pursue Steffy. He wishes whoever shot him had finished him off. Ridge wants both women to stay away from Bill. Carter arrives, and Brooke updates him. As visiting time ends, Sanchez arrives and tells Brooke she was right and Ridge is free to go. The group celebrates.

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In their bedroom, Katie and Wyatt bask in the afterglow of lovemaking and discuss Bill’s shooting. Wyatt remarks that someone was way more upset with him than they were, and tried to kill him. Wyatt-Katie-discuss-Ridge-BB-HWThey reflect on whether or not Ridge is guilty. Neither of them believe it. Wyatt wonders if not Ridge, then who? After getting dressed, Wyatt flashes to Bill’s tirade in which he said they’d get married over his dead body. He muses about other suspects, and tells Katie his mom was questioned. Katie says she’s on her short list, but Wyatt feels if she’d wanted to shoot his father she’d have done it by now. They remark on how much Liam’s suffered because of Bill. Wyatt decides to change the topic and tells Katie he appreciates her more every day. Katie is the lucky one, because of him. They canoodle.

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