In Bill’s hospital room, he still wants to believe that Ridge shot him, but Liam protests, “It was me, Dad. It was me.” Outside, Hope waits for Liam to emerge and flashes to his confession in the hotel room. In the room, Bill pronounces Liam’s confession ridiculous – he wouldn’t, he couldn’t… Liam repeats. “I did.” He explains he saw him propose to his pregnant wife before shooting him. Bill wonders why he walked away and came to his house later. Liam reveals he wasn’t himself and only just remembered. He probably had another concussion. Bill listens as Liam describes finding the sheepskin gloves and recalling his visit to Bill’s house that night. Bill narrows his eyes and says, “You did this? You bastard.” Hope-yells-at-Bill-BB-CBSHe rants about Liam being a coward…what kind of son is he? Liam hollers that he hurt him more than he ever thought possible. He’s glad Bill’s okay, but feels it makes sense. Hope hears them yelling and intervenes. She insists Bill will get Ridge out of jail and protect Liam since he practically put the gun in his hand. As she screams on, Bill huffs, cringes and retorts, “The hell I will!” Hope demands that Bill take responsibility for going over there and proposing, and pleads with him to do right by Ridge and his son.

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At the jail, Steffy assures Ridge that Liam will convince Bill to tell the truth. Ridge is doubtful Bill will admit he lied.Ridge-Steffy-jail-visit-BB-HW Steffy maintains the police need to know they arrested the wrong man. She predicts Ridge will be released tonight. Ridge likes her confidence and appreciates her having his back. She plans to stay until they hear from Liam, but Ridge teases about her birthing his granddaughter there. Steffy insists they won’t keep him there and adds that Brooke is determined to help. Ridge enjoys having two strong women in his corner. Steffy reiterates that Liam believes in the truth – tonight the lying stops.

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In the police station, Brooke works to convince Detective Sanchez that Bill lied about Ridge being the shooter, and says,Brooke-berate-Sanchez-BB-HW “You need to understand how much Bill really hates Ridge.” Sanchez marvels at her assertion that Bill has lied to the police. Brooke thinks he’s just confused and presses the detective to go see Bill, and get him to admit he didn’t see Ridge, or anybody. She points out that this case would never get a conviction. Brooke is also irked that Ridge is behind bars while Sanchez is still investigating. She repeatedly urges the detective to go get the truth from Bill.

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Detective Sanchez enters Bill’s hospital room and reveals that Brooke is convinced that Spencer will retract his statement about Ridge. Bill glances at Hope and Liam as Sanchez asks, “You are still going to testify, right? That Ridge Forrester shot you?” Bill grunts, “No. I can’t testify to that.” He can almost guarantee it wasn’t Ridge. Sanchez asks if he saw someone else that night. “Do you know who shot you?”

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Brooke feels positive about Ridge’s situation after talking to Sanchez.

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