At the hotel, Hope tells Liam there’s no way he could have shot Bill. Liam protests; he saw it. Hope thinks he’s just confused. Liam has another memory flash and convulses. He yells, “It was me, Hope. It was me.” Hope argues he would never do something like that. Liam says, “But I did.” He explains he had sheepskin gloves and a concussion, just like when he was with Quinn. Liam pleads with her – he remembers the shooting – he sees the gun, picking it up and loading it, and putting a bullet in his father. Hope thinks he could be imagining it, but he denies it.Hope-Liam-love-BB-CBS Liam lays his head in Hope’s lap, exhausted, and says, “I tried to kill my own father.” Hope soothes him as he agonizes, “Who am I?” She assures him he’s not a murderer, but Liam thinks he is, and should be put away. Hope isn’t about to let Liam pay for what Bill did. She blurts, “I love you.” Hope decides that Liam is not turning himself in and bids him to come with her.

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In the hospital, Brooke and Bill bicker about Ridge’s guilt or innocence. Brooke challenges, “Tell me you saw Ridge pull the trigger!” Bill repeats that Ridge is guilty. Brooke hollers that Ridge did not shoot him. She reiterates that the real shooter is roaming free – what’s to stop them from trying again?

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Thorne pays Ridge a visit in jail to assure him Brooke and the family are fine; everyone’s just eager to get him home. Steffy arrives and embraces Ridge. Steffy wonders about Eric’s absence. Thorne reports that the authorities are questioning Quinn due to her history abducting Liam. Steffy feels it’s encouraging that Ridge isn’t the only suspect – Quinn may have wanted to get revenge for Bill cutting off Wyatt. Ridge protests on Quinn’s behalf. Once Thorne goes, Steffy tells Ridge she knows he could never take a life. She muses, “Hopefully Liam is talking to Bill as we speak. He’ll tell him it wasn’t you.”

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At the station, Brooke grills Detective Sanchez as to whether Bill said he actually saw Ridge shoot him. Sanchez-Brooke-station-BB-HWShe questions Ridge driving his own car to try and murder someone and would bet her life that her husband is innocent. Sanchez divulges that they questioned Quinn. Brooke takes that to mean they’re not certain Ridge is guilty. She asks to speak to Lt. Baker, but Sanchez says he’s unavailable. He points out she is the accused’s husband; of course she doesn’t think he’s guilty. Brooke gets heated – she will not allow her husband to spend one more night in that jail cell.

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At the hospital, Hope sends Liam in to see Bill while she waits. Liam stands beside Bill and informs him, “Ridge didn’t shoot you, Dad. It was me.”

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