In his vehicle, Liam cries and shakes as he flashes to Sanchez saying the shooter wore sheepskin gloves.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke reports to Hope that Ridge will have to have a bail hearing. She gets on the phone to reassure RJ. After, Hope urges Brooke to hold onto Ridge’s innocence. She admits she’s worried about Liam, who’s been dealing with so much. Brooke decides to go visit Bill. In the design office, Quinn learns that she may be a suspect in Bill’s shooting as Sanchez questions her about the abduction of Liam Spencer. Eric protests the interrogation, but Quinn talks about the kidnapping beginning with Liam’s concussion, which affected his perception of things. She resents being made to feel like a suspect, but continues discussing how, and why, she kept Liam at the cabin. Eric says it’s in the past and has nothing to do with the shooting.

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In his hotel room, Liam hangs onto the furniture and breathes hard as he flashes through the night of Bill’s shooting. He looks in the mirror and wonders, “What the hell’s happening to me?” Liam recalls seeing Bill propose to Steffy, then falling and banging his head on a rock.Liam-mirror-BB-HW He remembers going to Bill’s door, picking up the gun, loading it, and shooting his father. Liam convulses in horror at the memory. Devastated, Liam ends up on the floor and grimaces as he thinks of Steffy’s paternity test and telling Bill he can’t forgive this. Hope arrives and Liam wails at her to go away. She refuses. He lets her in and Hope, frightened, asks what’s going on. Liam tells her he saw the proposal that night, and he knows it wasn’t Ridge who shot Bill. “It was me. I shot my father.”

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In the hospital,Brooke-Bill-hospital-BB-HW Bill recalls Liam’s visit, questioning him about Ridge. Brooke arrives and warns Ridge wasn’t the one who shot him, but since Bill had him arrested, the real shooter thinks they’re getting away with it, and will come back to finish the job. Bill insists it had to be Forrester because he was there last and threatened him. Brooke argues he didn’t see Ridge pull the trigger. She pleads with him to reconsider what he’s doing.

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