In the hospital, Bill insists to Liam that Ridge shot him, though Liam protests he didn’t see him pull the trigger. Once again, as Bill talks, Liam flashes to Bill’s home that night and to seeing Bill get shot in the back. He points out that Ridge isn’t the only suspect. Bill argues that Liam didn’t shoot him, Wyatt didn’t shoot him, Sally tried and failed;Liam-flashback-BB-CBS it was Forrester. Liam looks uncomfortable. He gets upset that Bill keeps saying it was Ridge when he was shot from behind. Bill becomes overwrought while insisting, so the doctor asks Liam to leave. In the hallway, Liam’s vision goes fuzzy and he struggles to balance as a nurse asks if he’s okay.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy explains to Hope that she hated putting Liam in this position with Bill, but she didn’t have much choice. Hope’s glad she’s taking responsibility – none of this tragedy and drama would be happening if not for her. When Steffy questions her, Hope points out it all leads back to the night she had sex with her husband’s father. They argue over Steffy not telling Liam about the proposal right away, and Steffy demands to know what Hope wants. Hope just wants Liam to heal and be a good father. Steffy wonders Eric-Quinn-protest-Ridge-BB-CBSif Hope actually thinks he’d be better off with her. Hope insists she’s been supportive. Steffy warns her not to think she’ll have a life with Liam. Hope complains about the chaos surrounding Liam and suggests Steffy start acting like she appreciates him. Elsewhere, Eric updates Quinn that Ridge’s still in jail. Quinn protests that Ridge is not guilty – he did not shoot Bill and will not be the one to pay for this. She rants about hating Bill then decides she’s causing Eric stress. Eric declares that they must get Ridge out of jail and find the person who actually shot Bill.

At the police station, Detective Sanchez worries to Lt. Baker that Bill is actually trying to frame Ridge Forrester and the real shooter’s still out there. They go over the suspects and Sanchez starts talking about Quinn. Baker complains they’ve already locked up Eric Forrester’s son, now he wants to look at his wife? They discuss the bad blood between the Spencers and Forresters. Sanchez says Quinn has as much reason to hate Bill as anyone, and she has a history of criminal behavior. He wants to find out more about her dark side.

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At Forrester, Sanchez questions Quinn about her relationship with Bill, and her whereabouts that night. Eric blurts, “She was with me,” though he admits she went out for a short time. Quinn can’t believe she’d be a suspect. Sanchez brings up her kidnapping Liam Spencer, and wants to know more.

In his car, Liam thinks of Bill talking about being shot and a horn blares as he struggles with driving. He pulls over in a panic and hears the gunshot in his mind. When his cellphone rings, he reaches for it and pulls out a sheepskin glove…just like the one the police say the shooter wore.

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