At Forrester Creations, Hope and Brooke speculate on whether Liam will go to Steffy’s for dinner, and whether they’ll reconcile. Hope hopes they’ll resolve things tonight, and explains that she’s supporting this because she wants Steffy and Liam’s little girl to have a whole family. Brooke decides to head to the police station, and Hope reassures her Ridge will be set free.

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Outside the cliffhouse, Liam flashes to watching Bill propose to Steffy and is rattled. He enters, and Steffy senses he’s still upset with her for not telling him about Bill’s proposal.Liam-bewildered-BB-CBS Liam grimaces and looks bewildered. Steffy goes over the night they got the call Bill had been shot. Liam shudders that the last week’s been a blur and marvels that he looked through the window and saw his father proposing to her. He adds, “I saw it so clearly!” Steffy doesn’t want to focus on the proposal, but rather their future. Liam rubs his head and agrees, “You’re right.” Steffy asks about his head. He explains he bumped it on the tree branch. Talk turns to Ridge’s arrest. Steffy hopes Liam will convince Bill he’s innocent. Liam, still muddled, decides he needs to talk to his dad immediately.

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At the hospital, Bill’s frustrated with the doctor and nurse who won’t let him get out of there. Bill grouches about not buying tickets to the hospital gala and mutters that he’s on the mend – it will take more than a bullet from Ridge Forrester to take him out. Bill-bugging-nurses-BB-CBSHe turns sincere, and expresses gratitude to the doctor and her team for saving his life and being there for his family. The doctor notes his sons and daughter-in-law were very worried. Bill says neither Steffy nor Brooke believes Ridge shot him. Later, Liam arrives, still favoring his head. Bill reports he’s doing much better. Liam confirms, when asked, that he’s still upset about the proposal – so upset, he can see it. He describes looking in the window, then asks again if he’s certain about Ridge. Bill insists he remembers Ridge leaving the house and describes putting on music. It was windy, which must have been how he returned and shot him without him hearing. As Bill talks, Liam pictures the whole scene from the shooter’s standpoint. Bill asks, “Who else could it have been, Liam?” Liam looks ill.

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In her office at Forrester, Steffy tells Hope that Liam came for dinner, but left to talk to Bill on her father’s behalf. She worries she shouldn’t have asked and doesn’t want to make his situation with Bill worse.

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