At the hospital, Steffy calls Liam to update him that his father’s improving. She reports she went to see her father and insists he’s innocent. Steffy calls it a family crisis and invites him to come over tonight. Liam is unsure. Steffy asks if he wanted his father to be punished, isn’t a bullet in the back enough? After, Steffy enters Bill’s room and says if he loves her, he’ll tell her the truth. She points out he can’t know her father shot him because the shot came from behind. Bill counters she can’t be sure he didn’t. Steffy denies her father sent her, when Bill asks, and accuses Bill of lying to the police or trying to get leverage so that she’ll accept his proposal. She reminds him that whoever actually shot him is still out there.

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At Forrester Creations, Eric tells Brooke and Thorne he wishes Ridge’s hatred for Bill hadn’t been so public. Thorne wonders if anyone despised Bill more than Ridge. Eric and Brooke stay silent. Thorne says, “I didn’t think so.” Hope-Liam-designs-rack-BB-HWEric finds Thorne’s view simplistic, but his son insists Ridge had motive, means and opportunity. Talk turns to issuing a press release and restructuring duties. Eric becomes agitated. Thorne soothes that he and Brooke will keep the company running while Eric focuses on Ridge. In the design studio, Liam asks Hope for advice about Steffy’s dinner invitation – he doesn’t want to mislead her. Hope suggests he accept the invitation to show he can be counted on. Liam thanks her for simplifying it; he’s really glad she’s back. Hope joins Brooke in the office and relays her advice to Liam. Brooke’s pleasantly surprised.

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In the police station, Carter argues the police have no case against Ridge. Lt. Baker isn’t inclined to let Ridge go, even as he protests that Bill is lying.Carter-defend-Ridge-station-BB-HW They debate the technicalities of the case. Detective Sanchez insists Bill may have been shot from behind, but may know what he saw before he turned his back. Carter is upset that Sanchez questioned Bill when the nurse told him to stop. Sanchez says he had no trouble answering. Ridge complains it was Bill’s chance to put him away. He flies into a rage about his daughter being left unprotected due to their incompetence and threatens to have Baker and Sanchez demoted. Baker tells Carter it’s enough grand-standing from his client, but Ridge observes, now they know Spencer has a motive too.

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Steffy sets the table at the cliffhouse and recalls her romantic times with Liam. Outside, Liam bangs his head on a low-lying tree branch. Suddenly he recalls Hope saying Bill proposed to his wife, and flashes to watching the proposal through the window.

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