At Forrester Creations, Pam peeks in as Detective Sanchez arrests Ridge, who tries to reassure Brooke. He protests he didn’t shoot Bill, but he’s taken in nonetheless. Brooke follows, and hollers at Pam to call Carter. In the design studio, Steffy challenges HopeHope-Steffy-words-BB-HW to tell her she’s wrong and she’s not going after her husband. Hope apologizes, she was just thinking about Liam and wanted him to know exactly what his father was capable of. Steffy agrees with her estimation that Bill goes for whatever he wants and never seems to learn. Brooke flies in and reports hysterically to Steffy that her father’s been arrested – they think he shot Bill! Steffy cannot believe that Bill pointed the finger at Ridge. Brooke insists it had to be someone else.

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In Bill’s hospital room, Liam asks his father if he’s sure Ridge is the one who shot him. Bill whispers that Ridge came over, and he thought he had left. Liam fills in the rest, and says, “And he came back and shot you.”Brooke-visit-Bill-BB-CBS The nurse checks in, then leaves. Liam questions if Bill saw Ridge pull the trigger, and wonders if there’s any possibility it could have been someone else. When asked again if he’s positive it was Ridge, Bill says, “Forrester.” Later, Brooke stops in and asks Bill why he lied about Ridge. Bill insists her husband shot him, but Brooke states it couldn’t have been Ridge. They debate. Bill admits it was dark and he was shot in the back. Brooke narrows her eyes and accuses him of setting Ridge up. She wants him to admit it.

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At Il Giardino, Maya spots Pam staring off into space and asks if she’s all right.Maya-worry-Pam-YR-CBS Pam fills her in on Ridge’s arrest. Sheila overhears and pipes up that she isn’t shocked – everyone knows how much he hates Bill Spencer. Sheila chats Maya up about Rick before relaying that she saw Ridge the night of the shooting and he wasn’t himself. Pam makes a cryptic remark. Once Sheila goes, Maya tells Pam she’s worried about her. At the bar, Sheila turns and grins.

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At Spencer Publications, Jarrett wants Justin to hire him back.Jarrett-job-back-BB-CBS They muse about whether Bill will get back on his feet. Jarrett’s not surprised someone shot him, and asks Justin, “Are you?” Justin doesn’t reply and tells the reporter he’ll be in touch, then asks Jarrett if he’s included in the people who wouldn’t mind seeing Bill dead. Later, Justin forwards news of Ridge’s arrest to Jarrett.

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At the police station, Ridge rants that he hates Bill, but there’s someone out there who hates him enough to shoot him, and they’re still running around. Ridge poses unhappily for his mugshot. He hollers at Sanchez that it’s his job to find the true shooter.

In his hotel room, Liam gets a call from Steffy about her father being arrested. Liam relays that his father was pretty confident. Steffy needs him, but Liam says he should go.

At Forrester, Pam throws a magazine with Ridge on the cover in the trash.

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Carter makes a plea on Ridge’s behalf.

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