In Bill’s hospital room, he begins coughing as Det. Sanchez presses for the name of the person who shot him. He gasps and rasps and finally chokes out, “Forrester.” Wyatt asks his father if he’s sure, and Sanchez observes he had motive and opportunity. Bill confirms, “Yes. Forrester.”

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge rants about Bill as Brooke rubs his shoulder and Hope weighs in that at least Steffy turned down his proposal.Ridge-wish-Bill-dead-BB-CBS She didn’t want to tell Liam, but he deserved the truth. Ridge ruminates about everything catching up with Bill, who is paying the price, finally. Brooke urges him to calm down as he wishes aloud that he’d shot Bill. She and Hope remind him he’s still a suspect. Pam enters amid Ridge’s shouting and tells Hope she has a meeting.

In the hotel room, Liam observes that Bill was clearly lying when he said he was fighting for their family,Liam-marvel-father-BB-CBS since he proposed to Steffy, and wonders, “What kind of man does that to his son?” Steffy complains she wanted to be the one to tell him. Liam knows that, and keeps jawing about Bill biding his time, waiting for his chance to make Steffy his. He marvels that he’s been at his father’s bedside, shedding tears, and feels like a fool. Steffy reminds him Bill may not survive – she’s hoping he can put it all behind him and come back to her and their baby. Liam has to talk to his dad.

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Hope is concluding her meeting in the Forrester studio when Steffy appears and confronts her about telling Liam that Bill proposed. Hope argues that Liam needs to know he can trust her, and had every right to know what his father did. Steffy protests it should have been a private conversation between her and Liam, and wonders if Hope was trying to stir the pot. She asks, “Are you going after my husband?” In Ridge’s office, Pam shows in Sanchez and an officer. He reveals that Bill named him as his shooter. Ridge and Brooke protest, and Pam watches, stunned from the door, as Ridge is arrested.

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Liam joins Wyatt at the hospital waiting area, and is anxious to get time with Bill. Wyatt reveals that Bill named Ridge as the shooter. Liam enters Bill’s room. Bill thanks him for coming. Liam-Bill-apology-BB-CBSLiam is glad he’s awake, but asks, “Why would you propose to my wife?” Bill claims he wanted to ensure she and the baby would be protected, and coughs, “I love her too, son.” Bill goes on to choke out, “More than anything, I want her to be with you.” Liam frowns and sheds a tear as Bill apologizes and promises to never do anything like that again. Liam cannot believe he had the gall to propose to his wife after everything, he also shakes his head over Bill’s claim that Ridge shot him.

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