In Bill’s hospital room, he begins to move his head and squeezes the doctor’s hand. She declares he’s coming to, and they need to call his family.

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt glowers after Detective Sanchez asks if he shot Bill. Wyatt admits they had a heated argument and were in a bad place,Wyatt-never-shoot-father-BB-CBS but there is no way he would shoot his father. Sanchez listed off what Wyatt had to lose – they sound like strong motives to him. Wyatt sneers that they are blood – he doesn’t hate Bill that much; he doesn’t hate anyone that much. Just then, Wyatt takes a call that Bill’s conscious, so they head out.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy informs Brooke the proposal wasn’t her secret to tell. Brooke needed to confide in someone. Steffy-my-secret-BB-CBSSteffy worries about how Liam will react, and that Hope will tell him before she gets a chance. She was going to fill him in the night at the cliffhouse, but they got called to the hospital. Brooke feels Liam deserves to know. Ridge enters and Steffy fills him in on the proposal. Ridge knows – he saw Bill that night at his house. He goes on about Bill, who deserves to die. Brooke gasps, “Ridge!” Ridge keeps ranting. Steffy leaves to tell Liam before someone else does.

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In Liam’s hotel room, he breathes, “No way,” after Hope tells him Bill proposed to his wife. Liam spits, “Bastard!” Liam-shocked-BB-CBSLiam decides Ridge was right about his father wanting his life, and wonders why Steffy didn’t tell him. Hope says Steffy did nothing wrong, and told Brooke the night Bill was shot. Hope heard Liam defending Bill in the hospital and wanted him to know the whole story. Liam thanks her for delivering the truth. Later, Steffy arrives. Liam asks if Bill proposed to her. She grimaces. “Yeah. He did.” Steffy explains she was going to tell him the night they got the call, and then didn’t want to make him feel worse at the hospital. Liam is furious at Bill after Steffy answers his questions. “This man is unbelievable!”

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Hope arrives at Forrester, and Ridge gets angry about Bill again when she says she told Liam about the proposal. Hope muses that Liam’s also upset. Brooke reminds them Bill’s fighting for his life.

Wyatt and the detective arrive in the hospital, where the doctor warns Bill may not be able to speak. They enter Bill’s room. Wyatt’s relieved when he opens his eyes, and welcomes him back. Bill listens as Sanchez explains why he’s in the hospital, and becomes agitated when the detective asks if he knows who shot him. He whispers, “Yes,” then opens his mouth to give the shooter’s name…

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