At the hospital, Hope and Steffy protest to Detective Sanchez that he’s way off base accusing Liam, while Liam himself, in disbelief, wonders if he actually thinks he shot his own father. Sanchez thinks Liam had motive and asks where he was the night of the shooting. Steffy steps forward to sayHope-Liam-Steffy-Sanchez-BB-HW Liam was with her when they got the call that Bill had been shot – he did not do it. Liam concedes he was furious with his father for betraying him, but he did not shoot him and hates guns. Liam further explains he doesn’t need Bill’s money. Sanchez, seemingly convinced, announces he’s off to talk to Wyatt. After, Steffy tells Liam it’s a good thing he came over. Hope hopes Wyatt has an alibi too. Liam knows his brother; he wouldn’t do it. They hash out Wyatt’s issues with Bill. Liam still doesn’t believe he’d shoot their father.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge canoodle, and then he updates her on Thomas’ visit. He had to ask if Thomas was the one who shot Bill.Brooke-calm-Ridge-BB-CBS Brooke struggles to understand until Ridge reveals Bill’s lie about Caroline. He runs down the reasons Thomas has to hate Bill, but Brooke doesn’t think he’d resort to murder. She muses that Bill’s done a lot of bad things but she doesn’t want him to die. Ridge says she’s a good person; he doesn’t care what happens to Spencer. Brooke is taken aback, so Ridge vehemently defends his attitude toward Bill. Brooke urges him to calm down. Later, Steffy arrives and talks with Brooke. She confronts her about telling Hope that Bill proposed. Brooke says it just slipped out. Steffy hopes she won’t tell Liam – he has enough to deal with right now.

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Wyatt bursts into Bill’s office, orders Justin off the phone, and demands to see the papers his father signed that put him in charge.Justin-confronted-Wyatt-BB-CBS Justin explains they were drawn up and sent to Bill’s house the night of the shooting – someone interrupted him from finalizing the paperwork. He wonders, “Was it you, Wyatt?” Wyatt is affronted, but Justin asks again because he knows what went down after Wyatt and Katie made their engagement announcement. Justin chuckles that Wyatt made a few threats of his own while protecting his woman. Wyatt smirks at him deflecting so cleverly and turning the focus on him. Detective Sanchez enters, and notes the tension. When he speaks to Wyatt alone, Sanchez wonders if he was so full of passion and rage that he tried to kill his father.

In Liam’s hotel room, he reiterates to Hope that he doesn’t want Bill to die despite his betrayal. Hope reveals that before the shooting, Bill went to the cliffhouse and proposed to Liam’s wife. Liam’s stunned.

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