At Forrester Creations, Thomas flashes through Bill’s ruse about Caroline dying and leaving Sally. Ridge enters. Thomas notices his father’s black eye, then reveals that Caroline’s been lying to him – Bill put her up to it as a ploy to get him to leave Sally and move to New York. Ridge hears that Thomas believed Caroline was dying, Bill wanted Spectra to fall, and that Caroline confessed the truth about her miraculous recovery out of guilt. Thomas goes on about Bill’s greed,Thomas-furious-reveal-Ridge-BB-CBS and Ridge agrees. Thomas sneers that Bill twisted his love for his son into a weapon. Ridge suddenly asks if Thomas shot Bill, and notes the timing. Thomas relays that the police questioned Sally, and vows to take her to New York when this is over. Ridge asks Thomas again if he put Bill in the hospital. Thomas rants that he doesn’t care that Bill got shot, and wouldn’t care if he died – he had it coming – but it wasn’t him that did it.

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At the police station, Detective Sanchez and Lt. Baker discuss how the perpetrator was wearing gloves,Baker-Sanchez-evidence-BB-CBS perhaps to make it look like a robbery, but it wasn’t. Baker observes that shooting a man in the back is an act of revenge. Sanchez muses about Liam is a suspect, but Baker feels it’s not what you’d expect from him…under normal circumstances. He muses that there were no signs of a struggle or confrontation. Sanchez says the legal papers cutting Liam and his brother out of the company add to his motive.

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In Bill’s hospital room, Caroline berates an unconscious Bill as she reaches for his neck. Outside, Liam tells Hope and Steffy he’s determined to find out who put his father there. Inside, Bill struggles to breathe as Caroline holds his tube.Steffy-Caroline-Liam-hospital-BB-HW She pulls away and hisses that the father of her son hates her, but not as much as she hates Bill. Caroline emerges, to the surprise of Steffy, Liam and Hope. She cryptically states that she hopes Bill knew she was there. Caroline learns Bill and Liam are on the outs again. Liam still wants to look the coward that shot his father in the eye. Hope can’t imagine what it’s like to hate someone that much – she doubts any of them can relate to that feeling. Caroline remains quiet. Detective Sanchez appears to talk to Liam, and warns Caroline he may have questions. She leaves. Liam asks about leads. Sanchez reveals they’ve ruled out a robbery, and the shooter wore sheepskin gloves. The keys to the case are motive and opportunity. He mentions the issues between Liam and Bill, and his possible motives. Liam reels that the detective thinks he did this.

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