Wednesday March 14, 2018: Thomas and Sally reconnect, Lt. Baker adds a new suspect to the list, and Liam remains conflicted.

At Sally’s apartment, she asks Detective Sanchez if she’s a suspect, and Thomas jumps in to defend her. Sanchez notes his protectiveness of the redhead. Sally admits she hates Bill and that she shot at his precious skyscraper.Thomas-Sally-Sanchez-BB-HW Sanchez wonders if she also went after Bill. Sally agrees she had multiple reasons to, but she didn’t. Thomas sounds off again, and the detective muses about him having motives. He asks for alibis. Sally was sitting outside the hole in the ground that used to be the Spectra building, alone. Thomas doesn’t get a chance to reply before Sanchez is called away. After, Thomas and Sally talk about hating Bill, who ruined their lives.Thomas-passion-Sally-BB-HW Thomas assures her they’ll get through this, then move to New York and start the life Bill robbed from them. Thomas gets a call that Caroline left Douglas with his grandmothers, then informs Sally she went to a dark place after confessing. He’ll never trust her again. Sally and Thomas flash through their romance and kiss passionately. They begin removing their clothes to start making love.

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Sanchez-Baker-BB-HWAt the police station, Sanchez reports to Lt. Baker on Sally’s admissions. Baker has doubts and thinks she would have come up with a better alibi if she was guilty. They go over the suspects and Sanchez tells Baker to add Thomas Forrester. Baker mulls over the new information and agrees they should consider him. The lieutenant takes a call that the shooter wore gloves, which gives them more pause for thought.

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In the hospital, Steffy comments on Liam’s ability to love when it seems most impossible. She goes on about the complicated situation and says he’ll be an amazing father to their little girl. The doctor interrupts – they’ll be doing some tests on Bill. Liam goes to his bedside and pleads with his dad to wake up – he’s still furious, but doesn’t want him to die. Outside, Hope updates Brooke by phone, then discusses the shooting with Steffy. Hope reveals she knows about Bill showing up at the cliffhouse unexpectedly and proposing marriage. Steffy doesn’t know if he was trying to sabotage her reunion with Liam, he was just all worked up about people hating him and trying to get what he wanted. Caroline-seethe-BB-CBSShe adds she was about to tell Liam when the call came about the shooting. Liam rejoins them and rambles about his confused feelings. He insists they must find the person who did this to his father. Meanwhile, someone slips into Bill’s room closes the blinds, and pulls on gloves – it’s Caroline. She leans over her uncle, and sneers, “You did this.” Angry and increasingly hysterical, Caroline rails that he destroyed her life; the father of her son despises her, and it’s all because of him. Suddenly, Caroline stops and reaches for the life support tubes keeping Bill alive…

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